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  1. MashAllah, this Ramadaan we opted out of elaborate parties for friends (we still host friends almost every alternate day, Alhamdulillah) and instead cooked iftar and suhoor for the security guards and shopkeepers and the barber and plumber at our condo. It has been such a spiritually uplifting endeavour, subhanAllah, mashAllah, Alhamdulillah. These young men are living away from their families and on such meager incomes, the look of joy on their faces when they receive the iftar (sometimes theres like a few minutes to iftar and they are swamped with the tension of work, esp the shopkeepers tending to the customers, they are ecstatic when they are gifted a home cooked meal) and the earnest expressions of gratitude, but most of all the dua that escapes their lips for our family is priceless. It also helped me personally realize that we ought to extend this beyond Ramadaan inshAllah. I pray we can adopt this practice and be consistent in it even after Ramadaan inshAllah.

  2. Another conscious, non-monetary (Alhamdulillah) practice we’ve adopted and hope to keep practicing is giving Salam to everyone especially where we live, in the lift, at the shop, by the pool, at the park, to the residents, to the guards, to the children, inshAllah! Truth be told, my inspiration for this is my elder daughter who just turned 5, she unassumingly showers everyone she meets with a salaam, even when i shy away. A lecture mentioning the minor signs of the Day of reckoning said one of the signs will be that people stop giving salam and greet exclusively those they know. That hit a bitter chord!

  3. This is such a thought-provoking and comforting write-up, to me at least. As a SAHM of 2 young boys and practically no income of my own, I had been researching various ways in which I could give sadaqah but found nothing satisfactory, until now…Thank you, Abu Productive – your site and your writeups are very motivational, inspiring and life-changing. May Allah bless you and your family at work and accept your efforts, Ameen!

  4. Subhanallah!!
    Thank u..n Very useful tips 4 every human being on earth…i always try to say DIKHR loudly whenever i take care of my newborn…alhamdulillah :)

    I pray that Almighty Allah be pleased with our good deeds n grant us jannah…aameen :)

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