Series: 21 ProductiveMuslim Hobbies Part 2

5. Computer Programming

Series: 21 ProductiveMuslim Hobbies Part 2
Ever wondered how your computer ’ticks’, what language it speaks, and how the millions lines of code speak with each other? Computer programming is one of those hobbies that you either love or hate. But you’ll never know till you try it. Also, there are multitudes of programming languages out there, find out what’s ‘clicks’  with you and pursue it. You may either try it on your own or get others to teach you (personally, I like to experiment. The thrill of discovering how something works is great!).

6. Graphic/Web Designing

ProductiveMuslim Hobbies Series

Maybe playing with computer codes isn’t your thing. How about graphic/web designing? Although you’ll need to know a bit of code, but with today’s “drag and drop” graphic designing software, it shouldn’t be too technical… The biggest challenge of this hobby though is to develop an artistic eye and match that with your computer skills, so that what you have in mind can be translated to what you see on the screen. Again, just with computer programming, best way to learn is to experiment, and even better start with experimenting designs for real projects, e.g. a poster/newsletter for your local community/ISOC. The pressure of doing well, will force you to learn, and if your stuck, there are lots of free online tutorials that will teach you cool techniques. If all goes wrong, swallow your pride and beg your 10 year old niece/nephew to teach you!

7. Self-Defense classes

ProductiveMuslim Hobbies Series

The art of self-Defense has great benefits. Not only do you learn how to  self-defend yourself, but it builds your discipline, improves your health, and helps you focus. Find out self-defence classes nearby that’s right for you, and try them out. Look for ones that observe Islamic etiquette (no bowing, single sex classes, no bad language used…etc). If nothing is available, no need to confine to martial arts, wrestling is another sport you can engage yourself into. The Prophet (peace be on him) once wrestled with a man called Rukanah who was well-known for his strength, throwing him down more than once. (Reported by Abu Daoud.) Best thing about ‘clean-wrestling’ (not the crazy WWF stuff – yes i know it’s fake) is there are no particular rules, just the ability to throw your opponent to the ground.

8. Sports

ProductiveMuslim Hobbies Series

Get your blood pumping and heart-racing and dive into sports! The Companions of the Prophet (May Allah be pleased with them) used to race on foot and the Prophet (peace be on him) encouraged them in this. It is reported that ‘Ali was a fast runner. The Prophet (peace be on him) himself raced with his wife ‘Aishah in order to please her, to enjoy himself, and to set an example for his Companions. ‘Aishah said, I raced with the Prophet (peace be on him) and beat him in the race. Later, when I had put on some weight, we raced again and he won. Then he said, ‘This cancels that (Reported by Ahmad and Abu Daoud.), referring to the previous occasion.

Here I have a confession to make: I was not a sports person, never stuck to one sport for a long time. But slowly I started realising the link between sports and productivity, and now I’m a gym regular! I cannot tell you how sports helps me keep up productivity; you feel fresh, awake, and ready to take 10 hours of work (well, not really, but you get the idea). I urge all, to get off your seat and engage in a sports activity, even if that’s fast-walking around your block 5 times, just do it! You don’t have to sign up to a gym, or pay for hefty equipments, there’s lots of resources online for doing exercises at home with no or little equipment. Even better, get into a team sport (football, basketball, volley..etc) so you keep the momentum with your friends!

9. Gardening

ProductiveMuslim Hobbies Series

Ok, slightly outside the box, but a great hobby. Grow your own food! You don’t need a massive plot to start getting in touch with the land; just a small square in your backyard will suffice. It’s a great hobby to get some exercise, sunlight, and fresh air. Watch your garden grow from seeds to plants, and contemplate on Allah’s creation. When you harvest your crop, praise Allah who created ALL things and has shown you one of His miracles. And when you make your first meal with vegetables grown in your very own garden, mmmm (do invite me! :P) . If you’re looking to get started with gardening, check out this informative and well written article by J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly or visit for great information and a support network.

10. Tailoring/Knitting

ProductiveMuslim Hobbies Series

Your shirt rips, your trouser tear and you think a million times whether you should take it to the tailor nearby or throw it and buy a new one? There’s a third solution: Learn tailoring! SubhanAllah, haven’t you heard of Prophet Idris – he was a tailor. And didn’t you hear of our own Prophet and the companions patching up their own clothes? Follow the Sunnah and learn tailoring (or Knitting). Again, as with most of the hobbies, get a teacher (mum & grandma would be good people to start with)  once you learn all the tricks, give me a call, I got a few trousers and shirts that need patching up! lol :P

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16 thoughts on “Series: 21 ProductiveMuslim Hobbies Part 2

  1. yes programing is too boring and it isnt my thing
    but i love to design so i will choose designing
    web designing ehehe:)

    If all goes wrong, swallow your pride and beg your 10 year old niece/nephew to teach you!

    May be latter when they themselves learn some proper computer skills rather then just playing games and watching videos :d

  2. Salam, just wanted to throw some food for thought in concerning SPORTS. Mostly when doing sports women have to/ do compromise their hijab for the sport. I am female myself and just wanted to know how others are handling it. I really love sports but I am by no means a fan of the gym. So ever since I put on my hijab I stopped with the sport, cuz there’s always trouble. For my understanding the only way to do sports without compromising on what you wear or do (e.g wearing trousers, running infront of males etc.) is by having a women only sport area.. :S But that doesn’t exist here. So what do you think…? What do you do?

  3. i really appreciate this article theres not enough information like this for people out there. I just went on out and got some paints. Were usually made to feel
    guilty for trying to do anything remotely leisurely stating we should be doing ‘better things’, I try my best but we need halal alternatives and i love how the article mentions productivity in those things. JazakAllahu khairan. Also if youve other articles with even more hobbies do link us!

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