The Careers Masterclass with Omar Usman

Building a career that serves you in this life and the akhirah


Tools and guidance to get ahead in your career without sacrificing your deen

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Most of us spend more than 8 hours per day working. Some of us even spend 10 to 12 hours at our jobs (and not really liking it).

And the worst part isafter putting in so much time, effort and sacrifice... many of us get looked over for the promotion.

Missing out on the yearly bonus. 

Not getting the raise you deserve.

And at the same time, a colleague of yourseffortlessly sails through her performance review.

Receiving bonus checks and raises every year.

But you know she's not even putting half the effort and time you are putting in. It makes you feel absolutely... gutted. Angry, frustrated, and confused at the same time.

''How come she gets the promotion, but not me?"
"Am I not a good team player?"
"Have I not contributed enough to this company?"
"Can't they see I have the necessary skills, performance and leadership to get promoted? 
''After all the sacrifices I put in?''

Despite all of that... you keep working hard. Upgrading your skills, getting certifications that you hoped would get you that coveted promotion eventually. Years go by, and you still aren't progressing as quickly as you'd like in your career. The dreaded feeling as if all your efforts have gone to waste.

And adding to that... the hectic work schedule has left you rushing your salah... sometimes skipping breaks completely. And sometimes gobbling down your lunch at your desk while workingbefore you jump on the next task.

And the next task. And the next. 

The cycle continues day in, day out. Without really giving you much time to think. No time to think about...

How can your maximize your career progression, while at the same time being a good practicing Muslim?

Without feeling as if you have to "compartmentalize" your Islamic faith in order to get ahead at the workplace?

Without compromising your ibadah towards Allah s.w.t? 

And this is a real issue many Muslims face in their careers.

Deep down, you know you have done great work... but are uncomfortable "promoting yourself" for fear of bragging about your achievements. For fear of attracting too much attention to yourself.  Thinking it may backfireleading to more colleagues gossiping, and talking behind your back. 

In the end? 

You shortchange yourself. 

And you begin to ask yourself questions like...

"Should I quit my job?'' 

''Should I stay, hoping for the next promotion or performance review?'' 

''Should I ask for an internal transfer?''

Now, on average... our careers are going to span more than 30 to 40 years. It's absolutely critical to be able to select and build a career in a way that is fitting for you in this life and the akhirah. 

This is your livelihood.

This is what brings food to the table.

The roof over your head.

This is what keeps you warm, and your family safe and secure.

And it's something you should never leave to chance. 

So if this is something similar you've personally experienced... I urge you to read on. 

The Careers Masterclass registration is now closed.

Meet Your Careers Masterclass Instructor

Salaam, my name is Omar Usman.

Being in the corporate world for more than 15 years, I've experienced many setbacks and challenges in my career.

I know exactly how it feels to get overlooked and being stuck in toxic situations.

And that deep discomfort you have—accepting the status quo in the working environment, even though you know you could do so much better.

Over the years, I’ve observed there are certain core skills that can be applied in different industries—having worked in corporate, hospitals, travel consulting, training, and non-profit Islamic work.

I currently work as a technology consultant and am a certified project manager and leadership trainer.

And as a founding member of Qalam Institute, I have also served in different leadership capacities with numerous local and national Islamic organizations.

I regularly teach the topics of leadership, social media, public speaking—and am a khatib at my local community.

  • 15+ years experience in the corporate world
  • John Maxwell Leadership Certification
  • PMP (Project Management) Certified
  • Author of the book—Fiqh of Social Media
  • Worked in multiple industries including healthcare, consulting, software support, project management, learning & development, strategy, and leadership development.

And I’d love to invite you to The Careers Masterclassa program where I will share specific tools and guidance to get ahead in your career without sacrificing your deen inshaAllah.

The Careers Masterclass registration is now closed.

What You'll Learn in this Class

The Careers Masterclass is a 5-week online training program.


  • The hidden insecurities of top performers.
  • Overcoming the self-limiting beliefs that block your growth.
  • Building a career as an ibadah and serving our ultimate goal of Jannah inshaAllah.
  • Success Dialogue—what is your internal dialogue around success? Discover its full impact on your life.


  • Leverage on your strengths for massive impact.
  • The soft skills are the hard skills you need to level up.
  • Professional habits and routines for personal growth.
  • How to identify skills gaps and increase your chances of success.
  • How to rebound from failure and charge up your professional growth.


  • Becoming extremely valuable to the team.
  • How to ask for help without looking lost and incompetent.
  • Networking and relationship building skills that compound over time.


  • Creating a positive and healthy workplace culture.
  • Powerful storytelling techniques to persuade and inspire.
  • Ways to project confidence and boost your influence in the workplace.
  • Situational leadership—adapt to different scenarios and navigate effectively.


  • How to shape the story others tell about you.
  • Managing your reputation and personal brand.
  • The ability to receive and give constructive feedback.
  • Knowing the critical balance between self-promotion vs. humility.


  • LIVE working sessions every week, on Thursdays.
  • Help you to implement the lessons of the week.
  • An opportunity to interact and learn with your cohort.

The Careers Masterclass with Omar Usman

Starts 28 Jumada-II 1443H/1 February 2022, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm CST.

How it works:

You’ll attend 2 LIVE, group online classes each week. During each lesson, you will get simple and practical activities to work on. The program will be done LIVE so that it is more interactive, and you can also ask any questions you have during the Q&A session.

What if You Miss a LIVE Session?

You will receive a recorded replay a few days after the session. And once you get the recording, you can go through it as many times as you like at your own pace. We do recommend attending the LIVE session to get the most out of the masterclass.

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