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  1. Wow, Aneesah Satriya. Jazakallahu khair. I’m blown away by your beautiful doodle notes. Thanks so much for your amazing work. It’s amazing to see my article in a visually pleasing and practically applicable way.
    May Allah SWT reward you and bless you to do more great work! Ameen.

  2. Excuse me, there are some questions that I don’t understand :
    In the first section : how can you make this something you are aiming to rather than something you are trying to move away from ?
    Jazakum Allah khair

    • Thank you for your question, Alaa Fathy.
      The question meant : state your goal, or the outcome you’re striving towards, in a positive way. Eg.
      Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight”, say “I want to be healthy and fit and be full of energy”. State your outcome in a way that would inspire and motivate you to take action, rather than make you lose hope and demotivated.
      There are more examples in the original article and in the comments section as well.
      Trust that helps :)

      • Jazakum Allah khair for replying I really understood it after your explanation. I’ve already read the original article and it’s really wonderful.
        Thank you

  3. Mashallah this came at just when I needed to see it. It is very comprehensive and informative. Now I am more motivated to get back on track and read more articles too. Jazakhulahu kerion

  4. Assalamu alaikum,very beneficial doodle and i like it,inshallah time to ask questions,thank u so much sister.

  5. Hi, someone has mentioned how they are a visual learner and doodling can be a great way to make study material more easy to remember and fun. Thanks for that great idea and for the brilliant doodle.

  6. Masha’allah, great doodle and content!
    Subhanallah, we underestimate that impact the language we use has and what it says about our inner thoughts. I know two sisters who wanted to make the most of a challenging situation and they began by watching what they were saying. If one slipped the other reminded her. Alhamduliallah, such a simple change made a difference. .