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  1. These tips are great for both sisters and brothers. Productiveness is a great challenge that determine someone destiny. Allah (SwT) will give a hand to those who have higher and more sincere intentions for the reason why they want to be productive. Is it that i want to be productive for the sake of Allah ? Or for the sake of others? It really maters.
    May Allah (SwT) bless you brothers and sisters.

  2. “It’s better to excel in one area such as writing or being a good mother…” Being a mother who’s also a writer, I believe I am most eligible to comment here! I am personally trying to be a good mother but I don’t want to give up my writing career and all that comes with it. Indeed, trying to do the balance is stressful and not everything related to the career is possible but I do my best in both sectors. Does being a good mother necessarily require dumping one’s career? Or does sticking to writing, or any other career, necessarily mean we won’t be good mothers? I think this is ridiculous and the author could have better compared writing to photography or design for example and then focus would have had actual meaning!!

  3. JazakalLah Sister Aneesa, these tips are not only for productive muslima, they are for both of us. Insha Allah, I will struggle to use to tips and I will also guide my wife to use them. JazakalLah once again

  4. Maa Sha Allah. May Allah bless u all in this noble task of informing the Ummah of their very important duties as Muslimas.

  5. Assalamu alaikum. Mashaa Allah. Jazakumullahu bil khayr to the productive Muslim team.may Allah grant us the most productive lives.

  6. Insha Allah!! This is a great article but I must make the suggestions to make the words in black ink instead of white ink because the white is hard to see against the colorful backgroung in the bubbles. Good work!!

  7. dear productive muslimah,
    assalam walikum
    can u plz tell me if:
    isit possible to wear a hijab without nakab(mask) according to islam?
    is applying makeup for facial beauty acceptable in islam.?
    plz give referances also.

    • Dear Sr. Rizwanah,

      Assalaamu alaikum,

      ​​I appreciate your trust in us ​to answer your questions. Unfortunately we cannot comment on that specific question as we​ are not equipped in fiqh -related​ (jurispruden​tial​) issues. I advise you to consult a​n​ authentic scholar of Islamic jurisprudence who’d best be able to answer your questions.

      ​In case you may not know of one, you may ​alternatively ​consult ​authentic fiqh Q&A websites​ such as​: ​​

      ​I truly hope this helps. Our sincerest apologies for being unable to assist you further.