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  1. I love Kathrine’s story and the peaceful parenting message masha aallah. I remember attending a webinar of hers and just having a light bulb moment to really live in the moment with my own kids. JazKilllah khairan.

  2. As always, it so refreshing to hear Kathryn talk about her experience. One thing I would add to the success recipe is that, beyond passion, when you share and sell something true and useful (rather than fluff for the sake of business) with the right intentions, it is bound to succeed and have a ripple effect at some point. I think this is what happened to Kathryn.

    I feel blessed to have come across her Peaceful Parenting Academy as it has given me the tools to become a more confident mother, a stronger woman, a more resilient human being and a better Muslim inshAllah. Jazak Allah Khayran.