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  1. the time when I am not feeling well is actually time for reflection and contemplation. thinking about all that I need to thank Allah SWT for. it is also time to sit back and make dhikr as on other days i am on the go most of the time and there is hardly any time to sit back and reflect. this is also time to empathize and put myself in the shoes of those who are suffering.
    it is also time to thank Allah for life and death has still given me time to live.

  2. Assalam alai Kum.

    From my personal experience Dhikr or remembrance of Allah swt is one thing that can easily be done while feeling very sick and lying in the bed with no energy to do anything

    We can still offer Salah by performing tayamum even while lying in the bed

    While waiting in the hospital for tests or in the hospital bed we can listen to the recitation of the Quran or read it on our phones

    Seeking forgiveness from Allah swt while getting a painful procedure done and reciting the kalima and other adhkar makes it easy again I say this From my personal experience

    These practices help one in increasing reliance /tawakkul on Allah swt as only He can help us in that trying time

    Also if there are times when you feel better during the period of illness then use it to do things for your family which are within ur capacity talk to ur kids ,call people up, organize something that needs it

    Also make dua for patience . Again I feel that sickness is a good time to increase patience

    Overall use sickness as a means of having a good time to increase dhikr n tawakkul n sabr n make lots n lots of dua


    • agree with both Mahwash Asif Siddiqi and Sana Gul waseem (including others); yes, reflection and pondering and Making Zhi’kr while practicing patience are all vital ingredients or opportunities during an illness; I have been handicapped/partially disabled with spine and brain traum originating from gunshot injuries; I suffer from constant pain 24/7 and medications and alternate therapies have very little use; I have difficulty in moving my neck and holding uo a book, hence I rely on audio MP3; sometimes my pain, inability to sleep, breathing difficulties makes it difficult to even remember my basic Dua’s or Verses from the Qur’an (especially after my bleeding inside my brain); however, I have realized in hindsite that my illness (now 9 years) isa Great Blessing from Allah (SWT) for it gives me an opportunity to make Shu’kr and combine that with Sab’r and to remind myself that “TO Allah we Belong, and unto Him is our Return’; salaams and warmest regards, Dr Ahmed Adam (South Africa) [I sincerely apologise formy speeling errors because of my difficulty in using my keyboard)

  3. And to add more
    As believers we know that even if a thorn pricks a believer and he us patient about it then Allah will forgive his sins

    Then illness. Is actually a good time to change our perspective of life
    We should this time to detach ourselves for this world n remember Allah as much as we can

    And. Develop an attitude is thankfulness as Allah loves those who are grateful

    This is also a time to make dua for those other people who are sick . As an incentive the prophet (s) said that. If a person makes dua for another person then an angel makes the same for the first one

    Illness also teaches us to make the best use of the good times when we feel better before the fever rises again or it’s time for another procedure

    In general we should use sickness to train us to be more productive as Muslims:)

  4. well, i prefer thinkink m not sick, as it works 4 me…n act like everything is normal…when u start acting, u start feeling it too. but at the same time i make sure i do take some rest n not push it too hard on my self…alhamdulillah it works.

  5. Once I was in bed not well and I was too tired to fetch my dhikr beads. I started praying dhikr on my fingers and suddenly I understood that Allah had blessed me by giving me a way to remember him even though I was ill. Another time I couldn’t even pray using my fingers so I visualised them in my head to pray dhikr. I remember this whenever I don’t feel well so that I never forget that Allah will always provide us with everything we need and that Allah never burdens us with more than we can bear. May Allah increase the whole ummah in patience whilst in illness and in health… Ameen.

  6. Assalamu alaikum

    To be ill is something we should embrace as a blessing and cleansing from our daily small sins, therefore it is very important not to complain. We should smile more often and say AlhamduliLah with conviction for every pain; being thankful.
    Here comes the productivity and being beneficial in action. When we can sense that there is something we actually can manage, so do it. If you can, don´t just lay in bed, your body is actually capable of more than you realise. So clean up after yourself, make some light cooking and go for a walk, if it is possible. The illness is often in our mind, how we manage it in general.

    Sisters always have the monthly ´illness period`;) here you should after every waqt of salah make dhikr and dua, the morning and evening dua. Although you don´t pray it doesn’t mean that your conection to Allah is cut.
    Wasalam alaikum warahmatuLah wabarakaTuh:)

  7. Being chronically sick can really affect productivity and consistency, particularly when certain conditions prevent any long-term attention to tasks and goals. It would be great productive.muslim could write a guide to productivity amongst the long-term,chronically sick who often want to achieve and progress but are often prevented from doing so. Jazakallah Khairun.

  8. When I’m sick and have to lay in bed , I usually take this as a great opportunity to read different articles in my field, to be more aware of the new stuff and to develop my knowledge about growth in my career. I also find it a wonderful opportunity to read more in my books, instead of just reading few pages on my way to work, As I love to draw and make designs, I find the time suitable to get my sketch and start drawing. Practicing my favorite hobbies makes me feel good and helps me relax, which I think helps me to be in a better state to not surrender to my illness.

  9. As-Salaam alaykum
    Baarak Allaahu fiikum. I always ensure that I pray my salah completely no matter how ill I may be. Then I always encourage others to do the same.
    Once I taught a doctor the power of du’a. I was very ill and in a hospital. A doctor came to take my blood sample. It was difficult. He made several failed attempts. Then I told him to allow me make 2 rakah nafilah. I told Allah about the problem. After the prayer. The doctor took the blood sample without stress. Being ill can be a blessing as it was for me on that day.

  10. I remember the quote of Yusuf Salahuddin Al Ayoubi, Conqueror of Constantinople ” When I start fighting, illness is removed”, except, I substitute that with ” When I start studying/working, illness is removed”. His intention of was that of Jihad. Always remember that the intention one has is what counts, after that just give it 100% of your efforts.

  11. It is shame that in spite of millions of innocent and strongly religious followers of Islam, the Muslim nations are and have been one of the worst nations on the planet in terms of corruption, immoral character/behavior, killing of fellow citizens, military strength and social reforms. Most of them are slaves to so called super powers of today, and feel proud to beg instead of developing the resources the Creator has distributed to its creation. Where is the missing link? Are we going to celebrate the successes of early Muslims for ever and be content or strive to bring honor and well deserved glory to the religion of Islam? Why have we have failed and continue to fail and divide the Ummah of our beloved Prophet(PBH). Our Prophet did not bring the religion Shias, Sunnies, Brailvies, Deobandis, Tablighis etc. How did the Ulema’s of these deens created hatred and killing amongst the single Ummmah of the Prophet?

  12. My life coach advises to pick a few things from your daily activity list and do them, or to do all of them, but for less time. Look on these situations as necessary steps back, in order to move forward. Like a bow & arrow – the bow must be drawn backward before the arrow flies.

  13. Assalamualaikum, mashaAllah so many good things have already been said but one little thing I want to add here is that for me the time of illness is also a time when the devil makes me feel so hopeless that now I cannot do the things which I normally do to serve Allah and to serve people… but alhamdulillah for the Hadith I learnt sometime back that when a person falls ill then Allah commands the angels to write for this person all the good deeds which he used to perform in his good health. So this beautiful Hadith has taught me that when I am in good health I should increase in my good deeds so that when I am ill, I can still earn the rewards for them!!
    So when my heart will be at peace that I am not losing anything by being in bed, then I will be able to do the things which I cannot do in my normal routine like listening to Quran for as much as I want, making lots of duas, doing a lot of sadaqah, talking to Allah, listening to all the lectures which I keep postponing… etc etc
    A scholar once said that when you fall ill, or go through any other trouble just imagine that a machine has been turned on and rewards are coming out of it like cash comes out of an automatic teller machine… this thought will cheer you up and you will be truly grateful to Allah for this opportunity of coming close to Him through this pain… in sha Allah

    • Thank you for sharing the story of the scholar:) MashaAllah it is so true, jazakum Allah alf khair.
      May Allah reward all of you, who read this, with the highest rank of paradise, too. And may Allah give all our people, who are ill, the best health. Ameen

  14. I always make good use of my sickness by reflecting my health days. Being ill is a service to our bodies. Some sickness are actually a process that leads you to a better health than before. It’s a blessing that we should take it positive. The worst thing is to complain as it stops all the privileges from Allah.

  15. When I don’t feel well , Iay in bed and listen to Quran, lectures or podcasts such as serious seerah- it is very good mashAllah. I have learned a lot from the series. It makes me not do anything physically or mentally but still be productive by listening and of my illness is getting tired very easily and getting painful headaches everyday but lying down and listening to something inspirational or beneficial can really help. Though one of my problem in the time of my headaches is not being able to focus and make my prayers properly as it is very painful to stand and sit. What can I do to improve my prayers when I have real bad headaches

    • Assalaamu alaykum Sb,

      Just a few thoughts on how to improve your prayers when you have terrible headaches:
      We have permission from Allah, subhana wa tala, to pray seated or lying down if we cannot perform the Salat as the Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, taught us if we are in a state of illness, injury, or old age. Even when traveling on a plane or bus or car (or otherwise!) it is permissible to pray while seated if one cannot perform Salat in the regular position.

      Allah has given us these concessions to make worshipping Him easier. alhamdullilah! Remember, the concessions do not necessarily make all things easier, as we still have to pause, take time to make wudu, and learn to concentrate on our prayers, but it makes the worship of Him, which is obligatory on us even if we are ill, easier to perform.

      Another way to make the Salat more fulfilling if you have terrible headaches and lack concentration, is to read the necessary words for Salat from a book or from a pamphlet and to read the Qu’ran during Salat – even if you have all of these memorized. Sometimes we rush through memorized materials without any thought, but, inshallah, reading the words in front of us can help us reflect more and acts as a more obvious reminder to our hearts and minds of the blessings in those words. You can use this tip when your headaches are distracting you from concentrating during prayer.

      And Allah knows best.

      May Allah guide you closer to Him in your Salat, in this life, and in the Hereafter. Amen.

      Your sister,

  16. Asslammo-Alakum. After reading all comments, found myself a thankless woman! Allah gave me soo much n M crying on petty problems.HE remained wid me all the time cosoling telling me tat (Inn Allah ha ma us sabeerin).N how n Y I forgot! Plz Allah accept my Toba!

  17. U an having serious emotional illness the doctors say i am paranoid schizophrenic i have no money but i am trying to pray every day i get support from the government but the money isnt great because im not working for it . And im being controled by social services. But hamdullillah i am pray ing and that s whats important.

  18. Alhamdu lillah! I believe each and every one of the comments show that Allah leads each according to our innate inclinations. Besides obligatory salaat and Zikr which I enjoy much, I would spend my time when sick reading and reflecting on issues of importance to me in my work, deen, and well-being in life. I also think sickness is an window Allah opens to draw us closer to Him in spirit. It is a time to be humble and resubmit to His Divine Will, knowing that death can come any time and then, asking myself; ‘How prepared would I be if I were called now by Him?’ What should my priorities be if this was my last day or week, or month in life?’

  19. When I fall ill..

    I expect some unproductive time ahead and plan my activities. Since i’ll have to take rest, I’ll switch to more passive tasks that don’t require too much strain and motivation. I watch lectures for the most part and maybe talk with my family.

    Other than that I try to dissect the problem and figure out why I fell sick in the first place. This habit has helped me drastically.. I watch my diet, environment and stay cautious..don’t really fall sick anymore and, such a blessing Alhumdulillah!

  20. When i fall ill, I know God is testing me and hence I need to be closer to him by doing more ibadah such as reading the quran, do more dhikr and salah. Falling ill does not makes us further away from Him but nearer cause it makes us realise how much we need him during our lowest point. However we should not remember Him only when we need help but we need to think about Him everyday that’s why we have to dhikr 24/7 especially salawah to our Prophet s.a.w. May Allah accept all our deeds inshaAllah Amin.