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  1. As salaamu alaikum, this Ramadan I want to devote about 15 mins after isha reflecting on the meanings of what I read from the Qur’an that day in my journal inshAllah.

    I also really want to reconnect with my father who hasn’t spoken to me since I reverted years ago iA. This is difficult though and I would really appreciate hearing from others who have gone through this.

  2. assalamu alaikum. its actually a bit challenging this ramazan for me cz i have my AS exams going on…and i have an exam tomorrow and the day after…so i have to concentrate on it as well….but i want to start preparing for ramazan as well…so its a bit difficult.any tips u can give will be helpful in sha Allah.:) im looking forward to making this ramazan the best so far…and the podcasts are really useful:) ill start doing the challenges from tomorrow in sha Allah:)

  3. Assalamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu
    May Allah reward whole team of productive muslim for all efforts.. Productive muslim website has always helped me to lead a productive life.. for me whenever i feel low myself first thing i do is read some articles in here.. which has always helped me boost up.. and this bootcamp has really helped me.. JazakAllah Khair

    This ramadan inshaAllah my plan is also to ponder over quran by reading the meaning nd reflecting on it.. i hav done this before but never successfully done.. so this time what i am planning is I will write the name of each surah in a peice of paper and put it in a jar and with ma husband i am planning to take one paper each of us and start reading the meaning of that particular surah.. and every day we will spend some time together and share what we have learned reading the meaning of that surah .. once a surah is finished we wil pick the next peice of paper nd start reading the next surah.. so each person will be picking at diffrent times as the length of the surah varies.. read and understand the meaning of as much as ayah everyday.. when you keep a count it will be difficult sometimes, because u will be in a hurry to finish the count.. so without keeping a count read quran ponder and get closer to Allah and share ur thoughts and wat u learned with ur partner.. in this way i think we will stick to reading and learning as there is someone you are suppose to explain to everyday and its easy to finish most of the surah in the quran because this is done between two.. I think if you have others at home who will like this idea then you can include more number of people in this task. InshaAllah this is ma plan for this ramadan to get closer to Allah through his Glorious Quran.. May Allah make all of us righteous and help us to attain his Jannah.. :)

  4. I will make this Ramadan memorable by “slowing down” and building more spirituality. I know there is a big difference between being religious and being spiritual, I want to soften my heart by being spiritual.