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  1. Salaam please include the whole title off the ted talk i had to look for it on the website, it would be more clear for listeners and time saving.

    JazakaAllaho Khairan for your wonderful work!!!

  2. Assalamualaikum.why I want to participate in Ramadan boot camp is

    -to have improved quality of Ramadan compared to previous years in terms of mental,physical and spiritual.

    -train myself for improved life,in sha Allah .

    -become ideal muslimah striving for jannatul firdous.

    -make my master proud of myself and gain his love and mercy.

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum,
    Great episode Mifrah!
    I can relate to the excitement of new things and after a week or so the excitement is gone and it becomes hard to complete it.

    And I first thought it would also be my excitement that Will get me through this 30-day bootcamp and that it will be something Nice to focus on besides my exams. But it isnt that simple I Now realize.

    It really is important to write down Your personal why. To have Your belief clear.

  4. I want to listen to these podcasts to try and motivate myself to achieve my goals this Ramadhan and actually feel like iv achieved something great and fully maximised the month without hitting that Ramadhan slump in the middle

  5. I also want to listen to these podcasts for inspiration on new goals that I hadn’t thought of before to make me a better muslim and achieve a better Ramadhan iA!

  6. Salaam alaikum,
    Here are my reasons for attending this bootcamp:
    – Ramadan goes by so fast and it also coincides with my busiest days of the year so I want to plan my Ramadan in advance and make the most of this blessed month inshaAllah.
    – I also tend to find it difficult to do some tasks such as research and writing while fasting so I hope this bootcamp will help me overcome this problem. I want get work done while committing myself to ibadah (in general, not just in Ramadan).
    JazakAllah khair

  7. I am to go through this program since I believe that my ultimate life purpose lies in worshipping Allah SWT, my creator and benefactor, the transcendent, the omnipotent. Through honing my character, body, mind and spirit, I wish to attain excellence on the path to Allah, and I believe that Ramadan is the best and most blessed time for me to do so.

  8. Asalam Alaikum Mifrah,

    Jazakillah khair for this opportunity. I loved the ted talk and Simon is one of my favourite speakers.
    Alhamdulillah I was able to brainstorm my “why” for this bootcamp and two of my top reasons are below.

    1. I want to make the most of this Ramadan. I didn’t fast last Ramadan (my son was born on 3rd Ramadan) and it feels like I missed out on a lot of good deeds.

    2. This may be my last Ramadan and I just want to make sure I earn as many good deeds as possible Insha’Allah.

  9. Assalamu Alaykum

    I am doing this program so I can mentally, physically and spiritually prepare for Ramadan. I want to be motivated and actively take steps to make Ramadan productive. The challenges and tasks this Bootcamp provides will allow us to make small baby steps. I care to continue so I can practice consistency, a very big flaw of mine.

    In sha Allah, this Ummah will have a great Ramadan!

  10. My Whys are as below:

    I want to use this Ramadan to uplift myself and become a better version of myself.
    I want to capitalize on every single moment of the upcoming Ramadan 2017 and reap the rewards and benefits
    I want to get over the obstacles and weaknesses that might block me from gaining benefit this Ramadan

  11. Because this is my first Ramadan as a convert and having a clean heart. I want to be motivated and understand so much more at the deeper level of my own being. I want to remember my first Ramadan

  12. Ok, here’s my WHY for getting into the camp: this idea of a PRE.ramadan activity that could lead me to anticipate for the month and it’s blessings is very appealing to a person like me who’s always late in getting the hang of it and left with the regret of not getting the most out of. This is the first time im thinking about ramadan ibadahs and how im gonna do it well, before time, and am mentally in a state of action Alhamdulillah.
    JazakAllah khairun