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  1. My Name is Jaria Hussein NANSAMBA, am Ishaaq’s Mom, been receiving good information here but Ishaaq who is 7 yrs , has been left out.
    Am asking if you have program for kid.
    I have Mariam who is 10,
    Ibrahim 9, Ishaaq 7 yrs and Afrah who is 15 yrs.
    Please let me know via my email;
    JazakhaAllahu Khair for the good reminder and teaching us very great information. Allah rewards you and your family Janatul fildaus.
    Ameen and all of us Ameen.

  2. Jazakumullahu kairan, I found _ProductiveMuslim.com_ very useful, it’s a means of calling people to our Islam.Alhamdulillah.