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  1. I have chosen my Ramadan project. Ever morning, after my shower before anything else, I will read 1 juz translation of the Quran.
    I have a success partner. I’ve sent her the link to the shownotes for that episode.
    I have yet to decide my weekend plans, usually it involves charity event lectures.
    Sadly, I havent been doing any of my challenges fully, have a lot going on at home
    Jazakillah khair for making the effort to create and share these freely, I’ve really benefited from them

  2. Salaam alaykum!
    Jazakum allah khayr for helping us prepare for our blessed guest, Ramadan.
    This Ramadan I plan on scaling back my public and extended family events to take more time for my personal development and following the Seerah. Inspired by the Prophet Muhammad’s (saas) experiences at Mount Hira, I will take time after fajr most mornings, inshallah, to read the Quran by myself and to read a book called Muhammad, How He Can Make You Extraordinary. The rest of my time during the day and on the weekends will by devoted to the tasks of raising and teaching pious children, inshallah. My two kids are very young and I want them to feel that this is a special time, but just the basics of changing clothes, going to work, making food, and playtime wear me out! subhanallah! Also, I noticed when I did my practice day of Ramadan last Wednesday that I was just very tired to do much quran or reading during the day or evening. That’s why I will focus on fajr, inshallah. It is also a special time because it is quiet and I can really be by myself. I am praying that this Ramadan is a time of beautiful, small family iftar’s, powerful fajr’s, and accepted fasts! May Allah make it easy for us and grant our dua’. Ameen.