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Our clients include

Our clients include

Help your team bring their
best selves to work

Leverage the power of faith & peak performance science to enhance team performance & productivity.

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Whether you run a high performing team or you’re struggling to keep your team together, our private workshop will help unlock your team’s potential beyond its current capacity.

With the proven Productive Muslim framework, we’ll equip your team with the practical strategies and tools to achieve consistently high performance and productivity towards your organizational goals while tapping into their spirituality and faith.

What happens when faith meets professional training?

Your team cares deeply about their faith and their professional development. However, when it comes to professional training, they face a choice:


Either attend a reputable professional training program with a company that doesn’t cater to their faith values and beliefs, Or,


They attend an inspiring spiritual program that is unable to make a relevant connection to their daily professional life.

With the Productive Muslim Workshop, your team won’t have to make that choice anymore. Our Workshop harnesses the spiritual tradition of the Islamic faith and cutting edge productivity research to develop a unique personal development solution for individuals and organizations alike.

The result? A powerful workshop experience that equips your team with the faith conviction and practical discipline to tackle any challenge they’ll face ahead.

Watch Highlights from our recent Workshop in Malaysia linking Faith to Productivity

What We Cover in our Workshops

Our private workshops adopt a group coaching approach, where our trainer will explore your team’s unique challenges and opportunities around the four pillars of the Productive Muslim Framework:

Session 1

Powerful Mindsets

  • How do concepts such as Tawakkul, Taqwa, Shukr, Sabr translate to a powerful way of thinking and being?
  • What happens when we adopt a Barakah Mindset amongst our team and organisation?
Session 2

Heart-centered values

  • What are the values that best describe each team member and our team as a whole?
  • How does Ihsaan, Halal & Tayeb play into our day to day work?
Session 3

Proven Rituals

  • What are the 7 proven spiritual, physical, and social rituals that would enhance individual productivity?
  • What unique rituals do we want to come up with as a team to increase our performance?
Session 4

Practical Team Management

  • What tools, resources, software can we use to enhance team productivity?
  • How can we have effective & efficient team meetings?
  • How to manage a team virtually?

After the workshop, your team will experience clarity on how to manage themselves and each other to boost individual as well as team productivity.

Team members will feel comfortable to bring topics such as Barakah, Ihsaan, Taqwa in team meetings as well as link them to time management, energy management, and focus management challenges.

Who’ll be our trainer

Mohammed Faris

All workshops are conducted by Mohammed Faris, an international executive coach, author, and speaker who helps executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs live the best versions of themselves: spiritually, physically, and socially.

He’s the founder of ProductiveMuslim.com, author of the book “The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity” and a member of the international Coach Federation.

He has delivered seminar and workshops at numerous events across the world including UK, US, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia as well as featured on international media and on the TEDx stage.

Over 25,000 people have attended his workshops and he continues to inspire millions of followers online.

In 2014, the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre added him to the World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims list.


  • We are thankful for guiding us through the Faith & Productivity class and I must say that it has been very helpful to us in the organisation

    Muzamir A. Manap Senior Executive, Amanjaya Holdings & Ventures, Malaysia
  • Your team, your community, your organisation, will benefit from this. Increasing our productivity is a vital task if we are to change our situation and Mohammed and the ProductiveMuslim team help us achieve it.

    Dr Mohammed Wajid Akhter Founder, CharityWeek, UK
  • The team found the workshop to be very interesting and beneficial…An engaging speaker with an expertise in a unique subject area i.e. faith & productivity

    Sh.Moosa Khoury Head of Shariah Dept, Dubai Islamic Bank, UAE

3 Steps to Schedule Your Private Workshop

Step One

Step One

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Step Two

Step Two

Discuss Your Specific
Needs with Our Trainer &
Sign a Contract

Step Three

Step Three

Schedule Time & Place
for Workshop Delivery
(In-Person or Online)

Two methods of delivery

In-Person Workshops

Our trainer will deliverthe training in-person at a location convenient for you (US or Internationally) over a period of 2-days.

Online Workshops

Our trainer will hold 6 x 90 mins online sessions with your team over a span of 3-6 weeks.

With the private workshop, every
attendee gets:

Productive Muslim Book

A Free Copy of The Productive Muslim

Premium Membership

1-Year Premium Access Membership to Productive Muslim Academy

Workshop Handbook

Workshop Handbook with Worksheets & Other Useful Resources

The Benefits Go Far Beyond The Workshop

When your team understands how to leverage faith & peak performance science in their day to day life, they’ll

Online Workshops

Get more done in less time.

Online Workshops

Save you time and money.

Online Workshops

Achieve goals beyond your expectations.

Online Workshops

Feel spiritually connected to your organisation.

Don’t hesitate. Invest in your team. Invest in your organization. Schedule your private workshop today.

Schedule your private workshop today

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