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  1. Jazaakillahu khairan. it requires enormous willpower and Allah’s grace to continue with all the goodness that one achieved during Ramadan. This may be due to the unchained shayateen who waylay us on all sides. But I believe if one is determined and keeps on trying even after slipping up; that Allah will make it easy to maintain the tempo until the next Ramadan boost Insha Allah.

  2. Jazakumullahu Khairan. Alhamdu lillAh that you found the article to be informative. May we always be motivated to take great care of one of Allah’s countless blessings, our health!

  3. Jazakallahukhair.
    There has been some very useful tips for my health as well as future. May Allah SWT always bless us with great health and keep guiding us in the right path to become even better Muslims.

  4. Great article, good ways to keep the spirit and feelings of Ramadan lasting all year. Welcome back productive muslim. Hope you had a wonderful Eid.

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