Are you living the best version of yourself
Spiritually, Physically & Socially?

Join our 6-week online live masterclass to learn practical, hands-on skills
to win more days, overcome stress, and live the best version of yourself.

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How can I develop
the next best version of myself?

To consciously move towards your next best version, you need to master 3 things:

Master Your Energy

Master Your

Master Your Focus

Master Your

Master Your Time

Master Your

These are the pillars of Productivity

Only by mastering these 3 pillars, will you be able to live your best life
spiritually, physically & socially.

Our live online masterclass will help you learn the practical hands-on skills you need
to master the above 3 pillars from a faith-perspective as well as peak performance science perspective.

See how Productive Muslim can transform
your life towards the best version of you

What makes Productive Muslim Masterclasses different?

What makes Productive Muslim Masterclasses different?

A faith-based approach to productivity science

When it comes to overcoming the daily grind of life and learning how to align who you are – spiritually, physically, socially – with who you want to be, the ProductiveMuslim Masterclass can help.

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  • Mohammed Faris has combined the best of productivity science, positive psychology, and Islamic guidance into a course that goes beyond the book. Weekly experiments, resources, and his own life experiences have made this course worthwhile.

    Susan Labadi Susan Labadi United States
  • The marriage of Faith and Productivity – no other personal development program /coach does that and does it with ihsan!”

    Samia Ali United Arab Emirates
  • I joined the Productive Muslim masterclass (in Jan/Feb 2018) and saw the man up close and witnessed a well drilled open, but humble authority giving out guidelines on topics that he knew thoroughly, and interlaced with examples that we could all relate to. I can wholly recommend Productive Muslim and Mohammed Faris for beneficial, efficient and enjoyable life changing advice.

    Adnan Hasan United Kingdom

What will I learn?

The Productive Muslim Masterclass will cover the following topics over a period of 6-weeks. Each week, you’ll attend a live, online, interactive class and you’ll be given practical experiments and assignments to implement what you’re learning between each class:

Session 1

Define Your Best Self

  • What Does it Mean to Live Your Best Life?
  • The Islamic Psycho-Spiritual Understanding of the Self
  • The Productive Muslim Peak Performance Framework
  • Defining Your Next Best Self
Session 2

Spirituality & Your Best Self

  • How Spirituality Impacts Living Your Best Life
  • Power of Barakah: Achieving More with Less
  • Barakah Culture vs. Hustle Culture
  • The Mindsets, Values, and Rituals of Barakah Culture
Session 3

Physical Well-Being &
Your Best Self

  • The 3 Pillars of Physical Well-Being
  • What to Eat & Not Eat for Maximum Performance
  • Why Exercise is NOT Optional for You
  • Hack Your Sleep For Peak Performance
Session 4

How To Manage
Your Focus

  • Why is it so hard to focus these days? Understanding the root cause.
  • Managing External, Internal, & Life Distractions.
  • Practical Tips To Boost Your Focus Muscle.
  • Building a Trusted System to Calm Your Brain
Session 5

How to Manage Your Time

  • The 4 Spiritual Axioms of Time Management
  • Mastering Time by Managing Yourself
  • How to plan your day, week, quarter, and year.
  • Tools to Manage Your Time
Session 6

Staying Consistent

  • Why Motivation & Willpower is Overrated
  • The Power of Habits in Staying Consistent
  • The Perfect Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Routine.
  • The Daily Routine of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

How does it work?

Step One

Step One

Register for the
masterclass here.

Step Two

Step Two

Join 6 live online

Step Three

Step Three

Apply what you learn &
live the best version of you

  • All Live Sessions take place on Tuesdays at 6pm
    US Central Time and last 90 minutes + unlimited Q&A Time
  • Handouts and Recordings will be sent after each live session
  • Masterclass starts on Tuesday, 24 Rabi’-II 1443H (30th Nov, 2021) at 6pm US Central Time for 6 weeks.

What’s my investment?

The Productive Muslim Masterclass is an investment to help you become the next best version of yourself.

It might seem like a heavy investment, but compare that to the cost of staying where you are today – spiritually, physically, socially – and what impact it’s having on your family, health, and faith?

Making this one-off investment will give you the practical faith-based and scientific tools you need to make positive changes to your life that impacts not only who you are, but who you’ll be insha’Allah.

We have two pricing options to fit your budget and a thirty-day money back guarantee to protect your investment.

Pricing options for you

3 Monthly Installments

Professional Edition


(or $75 per month for 6 months)
  • Six Live Class Sessions
  • Lifetime access to handouts and recordings
  • Unlimited Q&A time after each session
  • Private online discussion forum
  • Lifetime access to future updates of the Masterclass
  • Certificate of Completion

Have questions? Call us at +1 (214) 530-0023
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What if this doesn’t work for me?


Try the first four sessions of the masterclass, and if you don’t like it, send us an email and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked!

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