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  1. Thank you for the practical tips for living the Fast of Ramadan. Blending typically known knowledge with insightful practical tips is a blessing. May you be rewarded.

    Michelle Saka El – Richmond, VA

  2. This was a very timely and helpful article. It definitely addresses some issues that needed to be talked about.

  3. Thank you for posting this article. These words from the article, particularly pierced my heart, ““I ask You by every Name belonging to You which You named Yourself with…that You make the Qur’an the life of my heart and the light of my breast, and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety [Ahmed]. Going through a divorce during Ramadan is extremely taxing on my physical body and mind which is causing me have to make up some fasting days in 2013. Still I strive. Again, I appreciate your article.

    • As Salaamu Alaikum
      I pray Allah makes it easy for you and removes your burden. I can definitely understand that divorce leads to a certain amount of depression and during Ramadan it is probably a mixed situation. On the one hand, there is a decrease in that family time, but Alhumdulillah on the other there is an increase in Ibadah with nafl prayers, daily reading of the Quran and fellowship with the believers each night. Tawakil Allah.

  4. Kudos to Sister Mahasin!! As a member of Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah of San Antonio, I reflect on when the Sister and her wonderful family first joined our community. It was determined by many of us that this would be a family of ‘impact makers’ and not talkers. The Sister’s timely, well written and concise article has obviously proved us correct. I applaud my Sister and I once again share my pride with all who read her article and choose to make a difference in the challenges that being a part of this current world brings us all on a daily basis. My sister, keep encouraging and keep sharing!

    • As salaamu Alaikum Br. Asmar:
      JazakAllah for your kind words. The community of Masjid Bilal in San Antonio is certainly one of the best I have ever been privileged to be a part of. I am thankful to Allah, The Most High that you have found some benefit in the information given. My salaams to my brothers and sisters in the area.

  5. JazaakumAllahu khair Sister Mahasin. As usual, not only are you on point, but you have a wonderful way of capturing subtleties in a very well-rounded way. You are an awesome credit to this ummah and to the deen. Keep up the good work!

    • As Salaamu Alaikum Sr. Olaiya:
      Shukran for your kind words. I appreciate that you and Insha’Allah others find the subtitles informative. All praise belongs to Allah alone. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family!!

  6. Assalamu Alaikum Sister Mahasin,

    Thank you for a very well-written reader friendly article about the practical aspects of fasting. Also kudos for encouraging unity in the umma and consideration of our Muslim family and friends.

  7. Alhumdulillah My Sister Ramadan Mubarak: It was great reading your article, your responses and even more greater seeing you at the Iftar. May Allah(swt) continue to reward you and your family immensely with forgiveness, mercy and blessings during this Beautiful month of Ramadan.

    • Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family as well! JazakAllah. It was wonderful seeing you at the iftar as well. I appreciate the love and support from my sisters of Muslim Women United of Richmond. May Allah continue to Bless you all with the good works that you do and may they have perpetual goodness. Aimeen.

  8. As Salaam Alaikum, Sis Mahasin

    Alhamdullilah!! very informative and well put together and your knowledge of Ramadan came right on time. Aweseome! Thank you for this article and informing me of so many key issues during this most Holy Month.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sr. Linda:
      Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. Alhumdulillah that you found some benefit to the information in the article. I learn from others experiences and knowledge and share it when given an opportunity. Ma salaama.

  9. As Salaamu Alaikum Sister Mahasin! It was truly a great pleasure and surprise to see you here in Richmond and attending iftar with your brothers/sister here. Thank you as always for sharing your wisdom that Allah has blessed you with. May Allah continue to bless you and family where ever you resided. The Moon sighting Conflicts was on point! Whatever day you started it’s for Allah only and between you and Allah, the Supreme Being knows what’s in our hearts and our intensions. Be blessed ! Ramadan Mubarak !

  10. This is a very useful page for the research I’m doing on “The affects of Ramadan on American Muslims” Thank you!