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  1. this as very helpful thank you so so much
    was really very annoyed of the fear inside me
    but IshaAllah will try to overcome it with these tips…..
    JazakAllah, may Allah(SWT) reward you and have mercy on you.

  2. so helpful topic..i am in the inner of this fear sensation !! i have just graduated and i fear being refused on applying for a job..i fear failure..i hope that i can overcome these feelings by this tips..jazakom Allah khairan

  3. I’m not married yet, but I have target about a person who’ll become my wife. I’m not telling her just yet. Then (I know it’s evil who whispering to my heart), i fear that woman will marry with someone else, it’s so bothering at first. I can’t sleep well. my fear has overcome myself at that time.Soon I realize, why I should have fear for something that hasn’t happen just yet? Besides, ALLAH Azzawajall already has a best scenario for all the mankind, including me. So, when the time comes, I’m sure…it’ll more beautiful than what I expected. Finally, i overcome my fear by having TRUST in ALLAH Azzawajall…AlhamduliLLAH :DALLAH knows best

  4. Thank you very much for this topic,yes we all feel fear when something new happened to us, when we have to take a new initiatives or decisions , and when we have to meet someone foreign to us. For me my biggest fear was to talk in front of people, to express oneself fluently, i have a fear of failure , of not meeting my own expectations, i have failed some opportunities of life because of this :( , so i convinced my self that i have capacities and skills that allah have given to me and we should reinforce them and take action in spite of the fear.

    yes i like so much this tip: “There’s nothing to be afraid of, because there is nothing better than being content with the knowledge that the Creator of the universe is doing what is best for you. yes Hamdolilah:)

    thank u salam alikum

  5. MashAllah,excellent tips!. One of my fears were speaking in public…presentations! But wallahi it turned out that I was the bravest in the room! I convinced myself that it is ONLY 5 minutes of my life(literally) to get it done and nothing more,so I just forced myself to focus and do my best and again to just focus!

    So definitely Perspective is very important, after which you put your Trust in Allah and just do it!

  6. MashAllah,excellent tips!. One of my fears were speaking in public…presentations! But wallahi it turned out that I was the bravest in the room! I convinced myself that it is ONLY 5 minutes of my life(literally) to get it done and nothing more,so I just forced myself to focus and do my best and again to just focus!

    So definitely Perspective is very important, after which you put your Trust in Allah and just do it!

  7. Thank you for this post, it really helps me in making decision whether to pursue for PhD or not. I am afraid that I couldn’t handle equations as numbers wasn’t my fav thing.

    Thinking about the outcome, which is very rewarding (contributing knowledge to the society & making my parents proud, InshaAllah) makes me enthusiastic to pursue my studies.I believe Allah will help me. If I fail, Allah must have a better plan for me. Allah knows best.

  8. Salam alikom! mt current fear is something I couldnt overcome these past four months..Ive been married and I fear intercourse so strongly that I couldnt do it with my husband. So, I failed, even all teachings, spiritual, educational and academic have not helped me..

    • Its natural Process. You must do it and please your husband its fardh on you. Because you are married now.

  9. Jazakhallahu khairan. My biggest fear is university exams, partly because of a fear of failure. It sounds silly considering that as Muslims, we should only fear one exam. But sometimes when your emaan is at a low point you forget this easily and allow yourself to become your worst enemy.

    I hope to overcome this fear by trying my best and leaving the rest to The Provider, Allah subhanahu wataalah..

  10. I always have this biggest fear before coming to work. I’m an  immigrant and I barely speak english. I find it very hard to fit in as a result. Conversation scares me to death because I’m afraid I wouldn’t understand what people are saying. And I always feel out of place and lonely :(

  11. May Allah Bless us All, Make us fearless and Boldly in doing Things… Salaam of Allah be unto all Messengers and Muslims.

  12. Right now there is a proposal from a Saudi brother who I have yet to talk to to get to know him but Im already worried by my assumptions of what If I like him and I say yes and we get married then he turns out tonbe a unfaithful, or inconsiderate or not loving! I trying to get married the halal way but I’m so worried because I don’t know if this person will change after marriage!! Anyone was or is in similar situation?

  13. I have a fear that my wife asking for divoce and I don’t wanna give her. I have two beautiful two kids. She left my home with kids
    Plz tell me any dua to reconcile the issues so she will come back home.

    • @Malik – May Allah (SWT) ease your affairs, reconcile matters between your wife and yourself, and unite you two on the path towards Jannah. Ameen.

      There isn’t a specific dua we know of. It would be best for you to consult an authentic scholar to see if there’s any specific dua for this from the Quran or Sunnah. However, this dua for anxiety would be useful, in sha Allah:

  14. Right now my biggest fear is boarding a flight to Saudi which is 6days later even though iam taking medicine for anxiety pls help me how to come out of this fear

  15. Salaam biggest fear is my spouse wroning me again … And always breeching my trust ! And hurting me with her actions… Please brother’s sister make dua for me … And may Allah grant you the same dua in return … Jazak Allah kher… Assalamualaikum

  16. My biggest fear is when it comes to a fighting situation. I have a weak family(Cousins, etc) and no brothers yet a lot of sisters which already brings me down. I am worried that if I fight someone, they will win and everyone will just take the mick out of me. I really need to overcome this.

  17. Jazakumlah Khayran for this article, it is indeed helpful.For me, i am afraid of doing the wrong thing and also too conscious of what people think or will say to what I really affects me and i pray that Allah (swt) make it easy for me to overcome it

  18. my biggest fear is my 1.5 years baby. . I don’t want to leave him alone. . I always pray to Allah to grant me life so that I can take care of him ..coz no one can take care like mother. I want to c my baby grow .. I have no health issue but sometimes I feel I m going to die .. plz help

    • Assalaamualaikum Sr. Sana,

      SubhanAllah! It truly is amazing the love Allah puts in a mother’s heart for her children. If we read the names of Allah, we realize how majestic Allah is. Despite there being billions of people in the world, Allah is still taking care of each and every one of us and our affairs. In fact, there are numerous verses in the Quran reminding us that Allah, and Allah alone, is the disposer of all affairs. What this means is that whatever happens, is in Allah’s control and nothing happens without His will. But what’s most comforting about Allah is His reminder to us that He is the best of planners. What this tells us is that regardless of what happens – be it good or bad – there is good in it. What makes it even easier to accept this is our realization of Allah’s capabilities which are like no other. Yes, you love your child, but know that the love Allah shows to His creation is unmatched. While a mother takes care of her child, it is only Allah who possesses the ability to never leave his/her side, regardless of the time of day. The point that I’m trying to make is that rather than worrying, put your trust in Allah, and place your affairs in His hands, because no one can look out for us the way He does. And most importantly, remember that no matter what difficulties any one of us faces, Allah has promised us that we CAN handle it, and get through it, whether we are young or old: “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Qur’an, 2:286). As such, focus on the present and cherishing the precious moments you have with your child because only Allah knows what will happen in the futurd; and when He sends something our way, He is always there to help us deal with it too :)

      • w.salam.. thanks alot for your comprehensive reply.. I m religious I understand all these things from my heart but I need some way out to not to think this all time .. I do astagfar alot all time to divert my mind.can u suggest me how I can get rid of the panic attack I get when this fear sticks on my mind. . do I need to go for some therapies?
        Jazak Allah Khair

        • @Sana – I’m afraid we don’t have the expertise to say whether or not you need therapy. Perhaps you could visit a therapist to learn more about that.

          However, my advice to you would be to try to develop your yaqeen (certainty) in Allah.That is key. Ask Allah to grant you yaqeen. Dua is the weapon of a believer.

          We tend to make dua, istighfar, etc., but seldom do we do it with full focus and yaqeen. There’s a quote that rings very true here (and is one of my favorites):

          “A person has never held certainty in Allah only for Allah to disappoint him or her. Never will Allah disappoint those with yaqeen, tawakkul (reliance), and husn adh-dhan (good opinion) of Him.” (I’d make that “Never” bold!)

          Expecting the best from Allah is critical. I highly recommend reading this document which has quotes of our pious predecessors explaining ahadith on expecting the best from Allah. It’s very motivational.

          Right-click on the link below and choose “Save as..” to download the document.


  20. I fear failure. That’s my biggest problem . Please pray for me. I have made my decision according to my parents advise but I fear that whether I will regret in future. This fears torturing me and my family.

  21. Selam,

    I have fear of winds, thunder, lightning, dark clouds and this has been for quite a while. I think i have tried to pray to Allah and also been to few people to read Quran still the same. This fear is pretty intense and it does affect my daily life.
    Any one any simpler experience or advice

    Thank You

    • As Salam wa3likum, I have exactly the same symptoms as you. I know you wrote this post a while back, I was wondering if you are still suffering with this experience or have you recovered? May Allah swt give you a quick recovery. Aameen

  22. Rafia Farooq
    July8,2015 at 12:40am

    I totally agree…..”Be fearless – Be Muslim”
    Having recently recovered from the state of “fear”, i can feel the difference between being fearful and Muslim. The difference between the two is the state of contentment. Being fearful will plant the seeds of emptiness amongst us whilst being a muslim will blossom contentment in us. Hmmm, the feeling of contentment makes me fearless and it helps me to breathe freely. This further strengthens my trust upon Allah when i know that He is there behind me to help me breathe freely without any tax! So………..,,,,
    “Be fearless – Be Muslim”. That is -‘The Best Equation’

    Jazak Allah Khairan Kaseera

  23. Masha Allah everything is going well
    my biggest fear was that to talk in front of the teachers and I have overcome that fear
    when Allah is with us there is no fear at all

  24. ASAK,

    Going thru sevre Anxiety n dipresson with lots of fear. Sleepless.
    My age 67 male.
    I am using antidipressants but
    No help.
    Losing all contacts n relationships

  25. I am the sort of person who is afraid
    To talk to others and show facial expressions. I want to have the confidence to share my thoughts and ideas without worrying whether people will like it or not . And be a happier person and show it. Please could you
    Give me some tips on how I could change myself. Jazza kumu Allah

  26. Dear sir since long time I have fear of flying in aeroplane and belive me it just mix up my life I can’t go anywhere can’t do business since three years I never gone out for business because of I am afraid of aeroplane please help thank you very much sir.

  27. How do I overcome fear of standing in front of my class and talking, may seem like its not a big deal but sometimes my body starts to tremble :(

  28. I have a fear which is sort of undefineable. whenever i m in contact with someone in authorative position, i feel like they would not like what i say or if someone wronged me in his/her capacity of their job, i fear to complaint against them because may be when they will be informed that i made a complaint against them, they will create more problems for me. that is why i get excusing in my tone and manner all the times and people take undue advantage of my fear. plus many people because they are outspoken, being less intelligent and educated than you, get more limelight then their due. i dont know why i m afraid in such matters as i continously watch people just stating what comes in their mind, and never gets any problem because of it. may be it is the fear of making enemies in people around you or losing your job or what, i m exactly not sure. i have leadership qualities and i exercise them sometimes with a lot of success but because of this fear i just dont speak up most of the times. may ALLAH help me overcome this.

  29. Assalaam Alikum,

    I am a 31 year old mother of a 4 year kid from India. I have thyroid problem from last 10 years and I am on medication. But psychologically, from last 10 years I have suffered a great deal of depression, anxiety and other problems. I am unable to lead a peaceful life. I get weird thoughts about an incident which had happened in my childhood and get tensed about it. It is so weird that I have sleep related issues.
    If I am scared about something I do not sleep the entire night. Alhamdullilah by Allah’s grace I have a supportive husband and a very sweet kid. My mother is also supportive. I lost my father 2 years back. Feel very emotional about it.
    I am working as a software engineer in an MNC and my work demands me to be productive, smart, focused, attentive which I am unable to manage. I feel like quitting at times.
    From last one year the problems have aggravated and some of the irrational fears that I have developed are:
    Fear of dying
    Fear of sleep
    Fear of dreams
    Fear of staying alone
    Get scared when I hear about someone’s death
    Fear of Jinns
    Fear of dangerous diseases
    Also I have the following problems:
    Anxiety in everything I do
    Unable to concentrate and focus on things
    Withdrawal from the situation
    Crying for no reason
    Unable to make decisions
    Dear brother. I know you might not be able to help me in the above problems. But please do suggest something and let me know if there is a course which can help me overcome all the above problems as I just want to come out of them. May Allah reward you for everything you do.

    • Assalaam u Aliakum dear sister Fiza, I suggest you to consult a Muslim psychiatrist, Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.) said in a saheeh hadith that there is no disease created by Allah except for iys cure, as I my self am facing such and even worse than this, I am taking medicianes, I am trying my best to fight against it and In Sha Allah I will win and the disease will be defeated.

  30. Dear readers
    I have fear of traveling to the West Country and leavening my family in war time ,but I in own lots of money to people but I weak and in fear of leavening my family behind .sometimes I feel I can’t live without them .i have travel many times to the west but this time I am in fear and weak to travel .the second thing is that I own people a lots of money and fear I will not pay back as soon as I can and that I don’t know sometime what can I do . I am a Muslim and have 3 kids no education .work in a store but always lose hope of making it . Pleas advices

  31. I have written three exams and I failed all of them but I still have two more chances for each of the exams. I study really hard and I pray to Allah to help me,but the results are still not what I’m satisfied with. I’m very scared of failing again. Please I need your advice. I become terrified anytime I think about failing again.

  32. jazakallah qair alhmdulillah the writers of dis topic i congratulate them for giving good topic and alhmulillah by reading this good words every muslim will gain their imaan and yakeen in allah and insha allah if yakeen is der den fear automatically goes out …

  33. Alhamdulillah, this is a very nice advise. Stay Fearless and Fear none other than Allah. We should put our Trust in Allah Almighty. At this point of time in my life, I would really want to put aside my fears and trust Allah Almighty.

    Jazakulallah Khairan,

  34. i have a fear that my husband will stop loving me n go away for sumother gal he break my trust several times but i really lyv him.i have two kids n afraid that if anything happen to me who will luv them n takecare of them.but inshallah allah will help me n i trust allah..things will go right soon ameen

  35. assalamualaikum , 4 months back i started my carrier in a big company soon after completing my mba , as this is my first job i have a fear weather i am performing well or not or am i reaching companies expectations or not that is worrying me alot , i will be having presentations about my overall journey so far . my only worry is always my age which compared to my colleagues i am 3 to 2 years younger and always have a doubt that will i perform well as they are performing .

    please help me with a proper solution so that i have confidence in me

  36. Dear Bother,

    For last 20 days I am unable to sleep in the night. I had sleep paralysis attack fear of this that I will choke to death and other weird waswasas are creeping in mind Please help me.

  37. I have a fear about negativity
    I feel that if i dont pray nawafil
    Some negative thing gonna happen
    This thing is stressing me out
    Help me to overcome this issue

  38. Sallam, I am a victim of fear,I have fear for almost everything I do or intend to do,I have fears of been cheated or back stabbed,fears of confrontation and interactions,my dear brother please help me with more tips on how to overcome these fears!may Allah reward you.

  39. Sallam, insha Allah I will work on these tips especially the third as its the most important one, I am a victim of fear,I have fear for almost everything I do or intend to do,I have fears of been cheated or back stabbed,fears of confrontation and interactions,my dear brother please help me with more tips on how to overcome these fears!may Allah reward you.

  40. jazakhallah khairn brother it has helped me in many ways in which now they are other ways to tackle down the troublemaking fear.i have a stutter when it comes to fear so it is quite hard to get rid off.many thanks hanifa

  41. I am a Student of Federal University Of Technology Minna, Nigeria. I recently Joined the DA’AWAH Committee in Muslim Students Society Nigeria (MSSN).

    Straight to the point the Fear I have is facing the Crowed, meaning Addressing the public yo give a lecture or admonition..

    I need to overcome this Fear because I am already a member of the society so I have to do my part by giving DA’AWAH.

    Jazaakumullahu khair

  42. Asalaamu alaykum, may Allah reward you for your intentions to help us all in this life. Ameen. As people in this world we need reminders that can benefit us. We know as Muslims our duties and responsibilities, but sometimes the shaytan can dupe us into feeling hopeless and helpless. This article was so inspiring and motivational for me; Allah guided me to this for help, and Alhamdulillah He allowed you to write this. Fear is one of the easiest ways to destroy a Muslim because it is cloaked by excuses, reason, logical thinking, and justification. May Allah subhana wa Ta ‘ala give us the courage to trust only in HIM and put our fears aside. Ameen. Jazakallah khair!

  43. Thankyou I m currently going through extremely stressful time and faith shaking period and I hope shows his mercy on me and guides and protect me, whoever reads this please for me, your prayer could save me thankyou..May Allah have mercy on us all

  44. What do u do if u have a fear of working? We spend half our lives working working and working… And sometimes working in places where u don’t feel happy at all and just go along with it. And u end up losing a lot of valuable time and life passes u by. U don’t focus on things that are more important in life and u don’t really live life. What then? What if the whole construct of working in the western world and by western definition where u have to give up a lot of time doing a job just for the sake of it and to get money to survive, makes u feel really unhappy? And doesn’t make u happy but makes u question what is the purpose of this?

  45. my biggest weakness is that hassitation my heart will beat violently my mind will paining as some thing hard struck in my head when i will talk in class against teacher who all the time point out me and when teacher ask me to read a book i could not do this because of nervousness i want that i become a confident girl but how tell me a first step i have to take

  46. I just had a quarrel with someone whom i dont know, at my restaurant. And now that person is saying that he would beat me up along with his friends.
    I do sense some fear within me as iam about to get married in a month.
    Please do help me out on this matter as to what i should do when that time comes.

  47. Am a 60 years Muslim.Throughout life I could not fear . Lost all battles…..what can I do now to remove fear cowardness so I become strong like before.happy . Prosperous.for this life and life afterwards

  48. i am a third year student of the university and i am not able to work,study and concentrate on my study at all as i am afraid a lot that i will not be able to make it when considering my capacity.I think that my potential is low and i won’t be able to continue my study this last year.

  49. i am in my 3rd year at the university and i am not able to work,study and concentrate on my study at all as i am afraid a lot that i will not be able to make it when considering my capacity.I think that my potential is low and i won’t be able to continue my study which is my final year.

  50. I don’t know what’s happening in my life I’m just afraid to go to my college because I have no friends and it’s kind of making me hurt very much I sometimes cry a lot because of this situation

  51. English is my second language.. and whenever I talk to the native English speaker I get nervous.. even so, many time there are the bunch of people at work who always talk and chat. I want to participate with them I couldn’t participate with them, because of lack of confidence, fear of mistake, and what if they will laugh at me, and sometimes I don’t understand them.
    I want to be free from this fear. Any suggestion?

  52. I have a very weird fear. It scares me so much even though I am 1000000% sure it isn’t true. I have a fear of being a satanist. It’s so weird and scary please help. I fear that even thinking these thoughts Allah will stop guiding me. I want to be closer to him please help