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  1. Barak Allahu Feek. Great ways indeed to make Ramadan more meaningful. Our focus and our niyah are tremendously important. Not only during Ramadan but throughout the year Insha Allah. Ramadan is an opportunity bestowed upon us by Allah (swt). In our household we use Ramadan to reset the clocks and raise our standards back up to what they should be so that we can continue to have a fruitful and meaningful life for the months to come…Insha Allah until the next Ramadan.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum
    Dear writer in the article under the subtitle the power of dua in the second line there is a mistake. You have written Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) but actually it should be Allah (glorified and exalted is He). So if you can please do correct this mistake. Jazakumu Allah Khairan.

  3. Assalamu alaikkum saiyyidah, I have read your article and it is really good, hope I could do thesame in my personal life ….Nyhow such articles are at times an eye opening…so that we can be prepared.

  4. Great article. I have come across articles recently that discuss Intermittent Fasting. I was amazed at how this is advocated and it has been in our Islamic tradition all along. Subhan Allah. Spreading out charity across the entire month is something I will definitely do this Ramadan, inshaAllah. Jazakum Allah Khair jamee3an. :)

  5. great article however i would just like to point out something

    In the hadeeth narrated by Ibn Khuzaymah in his Saheeh, 3/191, no. 1887. He said, “If the report is saheeh …” but the word ‘if’ was omitted in some references such as al-Targheeb wa’l-Tarheeb by al-Mundhiri (2/95), so it was thought that Ibn Khuzaymah said, “The report is saheeh,” although he did not state that. pls open the foll link for more info

  6. Jazaki Allah Khair for the valuable suggestions…
    Just would like to share two more practices if I may:

    1. Start reading 2 Juz’s (2 Hizbs) of Quran daily.
    2. Perform 4 rakaa’s of quiam al leile (night prayer) daily.

    And Allah knows best.

  7. Sorry Correction: 1. Start reading 1 Juz (2 Hizbs) of quran daily.
    My apologies brothers and sisters….

  8. Seriously this post is so mind peace. I do not know but I felt so good while reading this post. Very nice blog and post. I agree Dua is everything and zakar is a pillar of islam and fasting is sunah.

  9. Jizakal Allah khair for the productive muslim that it provides a plate form where I am getting eyeopening , heart affecting articles. May Allah (Glorified and Exalted be HE) put barakh in qalam of every writer, in efforts of PM and in our actions as productive muslim. Ameen.