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  1. If someone has a tip on the “breaking the ice” part, please share with us. I always am thinking about what do I have to say to him/her/them??

  2. what about relatives who you know are habitual back stabbers? who u r sure that they spread gossip to damage ur relation with ur spouse and in laws? and who u know that they are not your well wishers but on the contrary? who u would happily meet and greet, invite and visit, respect and help, but you know that behind ur back, they are destroying ur marriage and family life out of mere jeaoulsy, envy, personal gains, habit or psychological complexes? We can pray to Allah, put forward our best efforts and keep following a path of reconciliation, love, care and respect; but how wise is it to keep honouring such ppl who turn to black magic to harm you?

  3. Jazakallah khair, I believes that this message will encourage and inspire others to find out whom their relatives are, where and how they live. Please read and act, Almighty Allah will make it for us amin.

    • jazakumul lah for this wonderful admirable admonition. I am praying Allah taala to bless us all with these beautiful characters. And reward you abundantly for remaining the umma. Amin

    • Salam ‘alaikum. Well, I guess you make du’a to ALLAH (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) to soften their hearts towards you and keep trying to make contact with them.

  4. Salam alaykum, very nice, but as a convert, my family doesn’t like the fact that I am Muslim. They avoid me, stopped contact, not answering phone calls, email, Skype calls, and even Facebook. A couple of years ago I left my country, there is no way to get in touch with them as even family members are telling me off, ‘because of protecting your sisters contact details I cannot help you.’

  5. Salamu alaikum, masha Allah this is a very important article cos ive seen in many verses in the Quran where the ties of kinship is emphasised on. As for the tips provided, i have tried at least 2 of that, 1. a bb group for my family members (mostly cousins) it worked at the begining but unfornately i dont know what happened at a point the group became inactive. 2. organising activities eg picnics, mummies and kids day out etc. As usual at the begining it worked during eids, public holidays etc but presently it is becoming difficult to bring people together and this has demoralised me. Iam loosing the zeal to do it again. Please in my case, what do u suggest i should do? thank You.

  6. May Allah forgive us all. And guide us to the right path. Thank you for your article. May Allah give us passion to do good for the cause of Allah. And improve our relations.