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  1. Very gud article masha Allah keep up the gud work. Quran is the best way followed by sunnah of the Prophet, I think that if evryone followed honestly the teachings of Allah by following the footsteps of the Prophet the world would be a better place. Try to listen to the lectures on the life of the Prophet and read books of seerah u will see what kind of person he was and u will be truly inspired in sha Allah. And always pray for hidayat and knowledge from Allah for He works in ways we cannot even fathom! May Allah grat us all hidaya and help us walk on the right path Ameen :)

  2. Masha Allah, well written article. JazakAllah khair for sharing. I like to attend as many courses as I can afford as well as circles and reading. I only just finished one course which consistently reminded us of the importance of seeking knowledge. SubhanAllah, even just last week a circle I attend when possible had the exact same topic! I’m taking that I’m on the right path insha Allah, may othersbe encouraged to seek as well. :) I also use Twitter as a source to discover more and share what I learn in the hope that we all benefit insha Allah. Please feel free to follow me @JenLeDisco and check out the many wonderful brothers and sisters I follow who are very knowledgable, masha Allah. JazakAllah khair once again,

  3. Jazak Allah Khair for the article. I definitely agree with how chatting with friends about a problem can actually be a trick of shaytaan. Unfortunately, I myself have recently been a victim of this trick, and as soon as the chat was over, I felt even worse than I was before I ‘got things off my chest’.The best way to get things off our chest is through talking to Allah swt; because Allah swt knows us more than we know ourselves, and therefore can solve our problems. We should have ‘yaqeen’ that when we talk to Him, he is hearing us.

  4. Beautiful article!! It is very inspiring and comforting, as well as encouraging to learn more about Islam. I think it would be a good idea for us to allot a little time every day, or at least during the weekends devoted exclusively to the study of Islam and the Quran. Thank you so much for this article :-)

  5. very helpful and well written. unfortunately we used to try to gain the knowledge which gives us superiority and money inthis world

  6. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh, Jazakhallah khair to all those who have shared a comment and passed on a kind word regarding the article.
    Please do pass on ideas about how exactly we can start to acquire knowledge and if we are already picking up knowledge then mention what is working for us so we can all help each other inshallah.
    A comment shared by one of the brothers is a great point about how we are quick to pick up knowledge when it comes to the world but not to Islam which is something to be aware of.

    May Allah bless us with knowledge that bring us closer to him and His deen, Ameen.

  7. Assalaamualaykum. JZKHAIR for this article. I am Insha’Allah rediscovering my love of the deen and this article has helped to prioritise what i should be learning. I have found that books aimed at children especially helpful and simpler to understand. Stories of the prophets (AS) taken from the Qur’an are brilliant Masha’Allah because they reference the ayats for further reading and give morality lessons. (A good example “My First Qur’an story book”~~ is produced by Goodword Books)
    Another tip is to get your kids to take turns in reading the pages out then discuss it with them. Alhamdulillah, its amazing some of the lessons they and you can learn.