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  1. May Allah reward you for this marvelous post. I have found a hadith that can be helpful in our war to beat procrastinating and giving ourselves inspiration to reach beneficial things and if you see as necessary, include it on your article:

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Seek out that which benefits you, seek help only from God and never say you can’t do it.” [Muslim]Salam alayikum.

  2. I try to calm myself & put myself together for the task(s) at hand by reciting “InnAllaha Ma’ As’sabireen” repeatedly for a few minutes before, setting out to tackle the hurdles at hand.

  3. JazakAllah for the comments. I might note that the “Practice Period” idea came from a book called “Don’t sweat the small stuff” by Dr. Richard Carlson. There’s a lot of good advice in that book which may benefit us, insha-Allah.