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  1. I am inspired by ur productive thoughts,surely I am achieving Islamic knowledge through ur productivity techniques.May Allah make successful Ummah through ur productive creation.

  2. Salam. Mr. Tushar, I spotted a mistake in this article.  The verse 
    Watawaa saw bi is-sabri watawaa saw bi al-haqq should be Watawaa saw bi al-haqq watawaa saw bi is-sabri. May Allah forgive us for our mistakes.

  3. wah…. very good..

    I read productivemuslim almost everyday…
    hope this website update and teach me more about Qur’anand I wish you would write about our prophet, Muhammad Saw, about his life.. because when I searching on internet, sometimes they write something wrong, and I afraid to believe it..

  4. Esselam-u Aleykum Mr. Tushar,

    Thank you very much for enlightening us on eternal concepts. Time is very important indeed.
    The verse 9:111 reminded me a short translation I previously read. I posted the link below in case you’re interested:

    • Note: In order to read Arabic version, you might have to configure your browser’s encoding. Setting it to Arabic will solve the character problem.

  5. JazakAllah Khair for this lovely article! May Allah bless all muslims to live by the principles set in this Surah by Allah ( S.W.T)…Ameen

  6. Dear Professor Tushar Bhuiya;

    Thank you for your good inspiration about the meanings and the importance of the time. In this context I will point out the interconnection between the Absolute Time and the Relative Time;the Cosmic Time and the Life Time in Dounya, in several occurrences of tne Holy Koran, but we can find this interconnection in the Hadiths of the Prophet Sidna Mohamed ( All Glory and all Praise upon Him). Good Luck and auspicious moments. Professor Smaili Moulay Abdelhamid.

  7. Alhaji pillar and Allah bless you and reward your efforts. A group of Muslim students in my city just invited me to speak to them on time management in Is am. I believe your paper will be most educative for me and the students as well. Shakira. Peligah,

  8. The Quran… Most powerful item on this earth, whenever i read the English i feel a sense of awe and excited because i am in a state of conviction for this truth, our minds and heart really breathe, May Allah help us all

  9. AsSalaamuAlaiku m! I OFTEN wonder ” WHAT DOES ‘TIME ‘ Look like, & IS IT A ‘BEING !? Just the idea that IT TAKES FROM US , the NaNo ( Or less) Second we are made INTO HUEMAN form , until EARTHLY DEATH , is mind boggling !

  10. Assalamu alaikum jazakumullahu khaeran. This will really help me in my presentation on the topic keys to attaining Barakah in our homes.