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  1. I’m so excited to read the upcoming series.
    How often will it be posted?

    Welcome back Lulls. We missed reading your lines full of excitement and wisdom.


    • My lovely Julia
      I’ve missed all of you!
      I have no idea how often it will be posted (or what’s gonna happen in the series next for that matter loool)
      So let’s wait and see

      All my love

  2. Assalamoalikum
    while reading your article it felt like someone is saying what i have been thinking….
    jazakallahu khiar for putting it down in writing…..
    finally got somone who can see what actually going wrong with people in their relationship…
    Too much expectations….less commmunication…not beliving in oneslef to fight back ones own negativity and taking up the first step towards better relationship………………..the life.

    • I’m very honored Sadaf
      You’re right, too many expectations and no communication have affected our relationships deeply, but I have faith inshAllah that the best is yet to come : )

  3. Subhan Allah…I still dont know what great deed did I do that Allah made me find you! Are you like a magician or something lol? How can you just know what your readers need to hear…pleease tell me! Everything you said is like…a reflection of my soul. We missed you so much!! So excited about this series…thank you ❤︎

    • Munni….
      What do i say to such beautiful words?
      I’m so touched I put your comment in my book of cherished comments (I know I’m a complete geek loool)
      Thank you for making my whole week
      All my love

  4. Assalamualaikum,
    I loved the blog! It is eye-opening to the condition of most Muslims around the world! I love psychology and on top of that, this is Islamic psychology! I couldn’t find something better!!