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  1. i really liked this. Esp the book list… I read the thafseer, saheeh bukhari everyday… at least just a page from each is enough, but it has to be done consistantly,, thats what matters !!! gr8 article, MashaAllah!

  2. ”Rather, man, against himself, will be a witness, Even if he presents his excuses.” (Surah al-Qiyamah: 14-15)
    Subhanallah! NO MORE EXCUSES!

  3. Very good practice that should be taken by everyone. We could also add some souvenir or scraps for remembering the moments. And start it small, it will improve gradually.  Thanks Habib for an informative post!! 

  4. Habib, thank you for writing and sharing this article. I have build interest to write a daily journey but have no clue as to what to write. This articles has helped me in giving some idea on what i should write in my journal.

  5. i’ve done journal everyday….but i highlighted my jounal with the challenge taht i’d felt day by day.not the lesson that i’ve learnt.which is better?

  6. Love your articles. Maintaining a Journal keep me focused on what i did for the day as well as what I need to do the next.

  7. what do you think prevents people from writing a journal? I have purchased journals before but find it strange or odd to right my thoughts and reflections down.

    • I joined the Life Goals course by Productive Muslim, journal writing is encouraged to keep track of your Life Goals. Every human needs Goals.

  8. Jazakallah khair… This really helps in bringing about balance in lives. The areas in life we are paying attention to such as personal, spiritual, work, family, social, health, mental, physical…