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  1. Masha Allah like this just when I needed it. Jazakallahu khairan. I feel impure when I talk too much. And when I keep to myself avoid talking to much, people around me complain of me bein snobbish. Any tip to help out. Masalam.

  2. I LOVE your ‘doodles’!!!

    I have it posted in my cubicle to constantly remind me… May Allah clean our souls.

    Thank you for all your tips. Very useful!

  3. MashAlllah this is just so great and beautiful! Thanks for this superb article!
    May Allah bless us all with this cleanliness! :) Ameen

  4. This is very beneficial!, I never knew I could obtain so much from a simple wudhu. In sha Allah from now on I’ll be more attentive while performing wudhu. Jazaka Allahu Khairun.

  5. Masha Allah. Lovely piece. When i saw the doodle header, i wasn’t so sure how impressive the doodle would be, but i couldn’t get enough as I scrolled to read each thought bubble. Illustrating how cleanliness affects productivity couldn’t have been better done.
    Good Job Productive Muslim!