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  1. Masha Allah a great article but just wanted to say that the So-called Islamic banking is not the banking according to Islamic principles, but although there are some people who are really working hard to bring Islamic Banking

    • I agree that most of the Islamic banking of today is not according to Islamic principles but as you say there are people who are trying and we should strive to be one of the pioneers who work on the actual Islamic principles In shaa ALLAH. Best of Luck

  2. Much needed food for thought! Jazakallah! Being a Muslim woman, chosing a career which allows me to stay true to my Muslim identity and obligations while ensuring that I am able to apply the talents that I have been given in a way which benefits the Muslim community and the society that I live in is a tough feat indeed.

  3. What a great post! I am a graduate student who will soon be embarking on a career path in Critical Security Studies and Terrorism–but I often wonder how I can use my knowledge and strength in writing and researching to better the ummah.

    • You are in one of the best positions to help the Ummah. You should work for the improvement of the image of Muslims and Islam. Terrorism is something that has unfortunately become synonymous with Islam these days and you can use your position to change that by creating awareness In sha ALLAH.

    • I suspect your interest in this area is to help improve security for the nation, Muslims and generally people globally. Wars do not have to happen, as often as they do, if more people understood a cost based diplomacy model, which generates a win-win. Currently, our diplomatic efforts do no respect the human in us. Your work could highlight the tribal nature of diplomacy which is reducing our world closer to ashes everyday. Your pen could help teach man what he did not know before;…. :) I wish you much success.

    • You should explain to them politely and with lots of love that by working in a bank you will be risking your Aaakhirah. Afterall this life is temporary and will end. The world is full of professions that one can work in. There are only a handful that we need to avoid. Just keep praying to ALLAH that he helps you and keep at it. Don’t succumb to the pressure as you are on the Haq however, make sure that you are not harsh with them. Love can do miracles, keep at it and you will succeed. Pray 2 nafals every day and recite duaa-e-haajat!

      • salaam alaikum. If one has a career in banking and cant get another job which is halal to earn enough to feed a family, especially here in the UK where its hard to get a job. What is the best and quickest way to change that so I can stop sinning and get a halal job before its too late?

  4. Jazakom ALLAH khayran,
    what do you think about jobs that includes kind of not pure halal (shobha), shall we continue as a kind of da’wa or shall we quit to disapprove monkar?

    • Jazak’ALLAH khair sister. Many scholars believe that it is always better to avoid something when there is conflict. If you know that something is not fully halal and there is a doubt then it is best to avoid it altogether and ALLAH Swt will open better opportunities for you In shaa ALLAH!

  5. as-salaamu ‘alaikum wrwb JazaakumALLAH khairan kathiraa for this really beneficial article. As a student in university struggling to choose the right career path due to some reasons mentioned in the article, I really appreciate the advice given. I mostly find it difficult to find someone I can talk to about my own personal issues regarding certain careers. The only choice I have is to contact known shuyookh or du3aat who might be able to give me the right advice. I really should be getting myself to do that soon…

    • Walaikum assalaam wr wb. I am glad that you found it helpful. I would suggest that you talk to learned scholars and people of knowledge. Best of luck for that. In the meanwhile, please feel free to drop in a message ( to me and I might be able to advice a little bit from my own knowledge and experience. Although please do note that I am not a scholar or even a person of knowledge by any stretch of the imagination. May ALLAH guide us all In shaa ALLAH!

  6. Please fix the grammatical error in the sentence under point 1- ‘While choosing a career, it is important that we follows our strengths’. It should be ‘follow’ and not ‘follows’.

  7. indeed , it was as if this article was written for me. As a muslim woman in a country where hijab is forbidden at work , choosing a carreer path is much difficult and i always tries to have my friends/family’s advice because im quite lost.
    I really wanna do a job that help people , that’s why i deciced to become a nurse inshaAllah.

  8. Assalamualaikum!

    This post comes at fabulous timing. Alhumdilillah I’ve just been offered a English teacher position at a co-ed Muslim school in Sydney and it’s so valuable to be reminded of how much I can benefit the Ummah by educating and being a positive role model to our beautiful youth. Even acts like praying with students (female in my case) rather than praying in the staffroom, so the girls can witness the importance of salah in my life and we can build trust and discussion on that.

    JazakAllah Khair brother.

    • Walaikum assalaam wr wb. Masha’ALLAh congratulations on your new job. May ALLAH swt bless you and grant you the ability to influence the Muslim Ummah as well as the non-muslims in a positive way.

  9. This article if read with care and devotion will help the reader to be in the correct Islamic path.even for a elderly and knowledgeable person like me. Alhamdu Lillah.

  10. Jazaka’Allahu Khayran to you all! May Allah grant you the highest ranks in Jannah. . You have truly helped this Ummah with your beneficial reminders, you’ve done an outstanding job in inspiring those who need it (like me!) :) your articles always come at the right time. May Allah all grant us a chance to help our Ummah, and guide us to what is right in this dunya and akhira. Allahuma Ameen!

  11. I have chosen to become a registered dietician and expand my knowledge of the Arabic language in order to help the community learn to eat healthier with limited resources. I face much opposition as a Muslim woman wearing a hijab but inshaAllah I will be successful in following my heart in a profession that involves something I truly enjoy, cooking and helping others.

  12. Great article, thank you! I’m applying for a business project in Britain and it is about helping all the homelesses, please pray with me. I hope I’ll be accepted.

  13. I seriously love this article jazkallah kayrun. I’ve been wondering if pursuing photography is a bad choice? iit’s an ayah or hadith that says picture makers will be punished, does this include photography? there’s a lot of different answers on this, help pls

  14. MashaAllah…I am so grateful to Allah that I stumbled upon this today, as I seriously am lost without His Guidance. As a University student, I was/am worried about which major I should choose that will not only benefit this Ummah (InshaAllah), but also utilize the talents and interests Allah swt gave me. Thank you so much brother for this post! Like my fellow brothers and sisters have stated above and soon below, this was very timely:) I am interested in becoming a Naturopathic doctor, InshaAllah, that will really heal people-not keep them sick and give them pills constantly in order to keep my business going. This post also strengthened my resolve to incorporate more Nafl and Tahjud prayers as well, InshaAllah. For my major though, I am thinking about either Earth Systems Science or Bio major w/ Human Biology emphasis…I am interested in the first because it follows my natural tendencies (and sees the Earth as a whole just like Naturopaths view humans as a complete patient), but the second will prepare me for labs (which are not my passion really, although amazing SubhanAllah). What do you think? Thank you once again

  15. Can someone please tell me if it is allowed to study law or economics in Western countries? I feel discouraged from studying because I feel like there is no Barakat in what Iam study because it is not lawful in islam. How can student muslim in western contry find that motivation in them & know that it is okay to study such topics like law & economy etc? but not okay to have a job where you Work with interest, taxes, etc.

    I am study M.Sc. in Business Administration and Commercial Law but some people keeps telling me that it is not allowed in islam to even study such a education, because you are study topics like taxes, economic, interest etc.. I’m afraid that Iam study something which is not allowed in Islam, and thus I feel very demotivated, what can I do about it?

    Wa`salaam Alaikum Sophia

    • Assalaamu alaikum Sr. Sophia,

      ​​I appreciate your trust in us ​to answer your questions. However, we​’re sorry we cannot help as we​ are not equipped to do so. I advise you to consult a ​n​ authentic Muslim scholar of Islamic jurisprudence who’d best be able to answer your questions.

    • Assalamu`Alaykum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu

      The Question you have asked have answers at islamqa.I knw you may find demotivated Cos its absolutely very difficult to find job out of interest in Current Era.But forALLAH The king of kings its very easy.There are some Muslims who run their business and who would stay out of haram ,who would need your service.Strive you will in sha ALLAH find them out.

  16. Assalamu alaikum
    I just came across the article….. its very nice….
    I come from a family where all my cousins are either doctors or engineers… i don’t like both….. i like administration jobs….. but my family is of the opinion that only they are successful and Islamic and I’m not…. kindly advice me on my choice….

  17. mashaAllah u r doing best job for this ummaj ..Allah mau grant u with the jannah guid better i will pray for u..

  18. Assalamu alikum akhi, jazakumAllah khairan for this beneficial article. Good advices for modern muslims. So called muslims. Inshallah your article will open their heart. Only one thing i mentioned in your writing and as a muslim it doesnt fit us to use word LUCK. Inshallah you will understand my comment. JazakumAllah khairan. Continue your work on articles.

  19. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Can you do an article about choosing a major/career specifically for women? One dealing with how to choose while considering the deen, future family, etc…

  20. This Is really something we needed now a days to guide Youngsters to choose a career where you feel you can better serve rather than just better earn.

  21. Assalamu Alaikum.

    Thank you for the article brother Talha. Allah has blessed you with gracefulness in your writing. MasAllah.

    I had lost my Deen for a long time and by the mercy of Allah SWT he has recently guided me back to the true path. I work in the insurance industry and have done so for 10 years. I have just come to realise this is either haram or indeed doubtful (if you consider your direct role having no dealing with the riba). Please make dua that Allah helps me to find my strength and a new career which is more befitting of a believer and more beneficial to the Ummah.

    Jazak’ALLAH khair

  22. I am engineer and working in a private firm doing coding for hours. I m earning halal but how do I more beneficial work for this ummah. My c++ programming is not benefiting ummah. I am worried

  23. What I should choose as a career:

    Something I believe in: that I believe is important, beneficial and worth doing.

    Something I’m good at.

    Something I’m interested in.

    Something that suits my personality.

    Something that gets me enough pay to make ends meet, or even more.

    Something that serves Allah (swt), myself, my loved ones and the Ummah. Something the world needs. Something that makes a positive difference.

    Something that strengthens me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically; not breaks me down. Something that inspires me. Something I am motivated to commit to as a career. Something that I can do day after day. Something that works.

    “Your passion drives you to success.”

  24. Turning my Interior Design career into something that represents my faith and beliefs is on my mind for a long time. This article proved to be of some help, Jazak’Allah khair.
    If anybody has any tips or points on how exactly i can do that, please do comment and advise.

  25. I am so confused what about my career. I have chosen humanities in my a levels due to keen interest in the area subjects include sociology, psychology and law i have also chosen business studies as an extra subject but i am not sure wheter I should go for it or not. Please can u tell me what career options will be there if I take these 4 subjects and also I have sone istikhara a couple of times but didnt work and my confusion prevails from last 5 months. I am sick of the confusion and want answers now but I think ALLAH has abondoned me :((

  26. Jazakallah for such a great blog, I am a commerce graduate from India, these days it’s very tough to earn Halal income, every where you will will find your work against sharia, either Bank or a vegetable vendor, I had worked almost 10 years in banking and finance company, when I got some Islamic knowledge I left the bank job after two years I got a. Job in school as an administrator, I thought this would be halal job but here also I am working environment is against sharia, students has to do music dancing, mix gathering, and my job is to i have to manage all the things because I am an administrator. After reading your blog I will suggest to my youngsters to choose your study like this way.

  27. I listen from many people, Islam says that 9 parts of food are in bisiness and only one part is in job is it true? can you provide me reference?

  28. Assalamualaikum… hope you’re doing well. my question is how do u think i should instill my aim job ? i,yet, did not find anything interesting… if u could suggest?

  29. Assalam O Alaikum w.r.b Brother !

    I Have done FSC in pre-medical about 2 years ago and then Done 2 Courses From Al-huda and doing a 3rd course from there …My Question is that I am always confused as to what profession I should choose …I want to Become a scientist and a scholar …but at the same time I know Its impossible to take them both as a profession …I do not Know What to choose as a profession and my prime focus and Which one of them should be secondary???

    JazakAllah !