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  1. The take away from the speaker;
    – Excuse is actually worse than reasons(for procrastinating).
    – Problemsolve by being curious like a kid with a constant “why?” to start a great startup.
    – Use poroductivity apps like evernote, my dua: Fotress of a Muslim, etc
    – Lives Islam by being the best in what I do, act to win- Ihsaan.
    – Be nice but not too nice: I wonder if Mr. Mohammad lived to this principle for he was filled with pride. Lol.
    Sometimes there is a lot to benefit from a proud person.
    I think his is the extrovert humble proud Muslim.
    JazakAllah khayr Br. Mohammed for the insights

  2. Sorry for the typing errors;
    Instead of:
    1. Excuse, it is excuses.
    2. Poroductivity, it is productivity.
    3. Lives, it is live Islam.
    4. lived to this principle, it is lived up to this principle.

    I also learnt from the interview that travelling inspires ideas.

  3. encouraging interview n i wish everyone to listen to the relevant interview for there betterment.
    jazakallah khair