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  1. Gazaki Allahu Khairan for the artcle. I am so interested in learning more about such applications, but the probleme is I have limited information ground. As I understood, It is for Mac. computers and tablets, right? I looked for Draft application in the Appstore (iphone) but I could not fine it. I thought maybe I will understand it more if I saw it or used it.
    I have a question and I hope you, or any one who read it, can answer me. I am working on my PHD, and I am looking for a software that helps me in collecting my data (findings) in the computer depending on keywords. This way, I can back to any data depending on those keywords. I found indexcard software. the free trial was awsome! just a dream came to be true.. but then, I could not buy it online, and those who bought it, were not satisfied by the purchase process ..etc..etc..
    Please.. any suggestion?
    Many thanx in advance!
    Wa salama :)

  2. AoA
    Nice effort. JAK.
    Have you seen or used Google Documents it has most of features mentioned in 3 application and it TOTALLY FREE and well integrated with your email/chat/calendar etc…
    Kindly give me feedback what I am missing out.


    • Waalaikumusalaam brother Ali,

      haha yes Google Docs does all of that but I am personally quite choosy when it comes to the user interface of the program. I really just dislike using Google Docs because it feels too clunky for me to write.

      It’s a matter of preference, really. I prefer a miminalist writing experience, which the apps above provide :) Maybe you can check them out and see the difference for yourself, insyaallah.

  3. This article is for those who love adventure and are “Early Adopters”. I generally use Google Drive just because majority is on Google’s band wagon. However, it is quite frustrating to use generic applications for important projects/notes.

    I am definitely going to give these apps a shot.
    JAK for sharing sis

    • haha yes sister Sameya, I am usually an early adopter for apps and am constantly looking out for new apps to try. I hope you’ve had the chance to try out the above apps, and all the best with your important projects! :)