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  1. JazakAllah for an excellent presentation – and one very relevant to so many of us in the modern workplace.

    Just 2 ways to improve the presentation:

    1. On “5. Refrain from unnecessary conversations” – the heading is orange on a pink background, which makes the heading text hard to see. Perhaps change the colours there.

    2. On “10. Barakah in actions – there’s a grammar mistake in the final sentence (“at in any office”)”

    As for additions, one I heard about a few months back (but unfortunately haven’t implemented much yet) is that at the end of every meeting, to recite the following dua before getting up to leave:

    ‘Subhanakallah humma wa bi hamdika. (Glory be to You, and with Your praise)
    Ash-hadu Allah illaha illa ant (I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except You)
    Astaghfirukah wa atubu ilayk (I seek your forgiveness, and i turn to You)”

    With that, if anything wicked, vain or worthless was discussed in the meeting, you are forgiven from that.

    You can hear the full 17 minute talk on this here:

    May Allah help us all to apply the good from your presentation and become better in our respective workplaces.

    As a follow-up, how about a presentation of simple tips on giving da’wah in the workplace?

  2. Masha’Allah. Very good piece. Working for over 10 years, I can identify with all the points discussed. Upholding one’s salah at work is key and smiling to avoid coming across as aggressive works wonders in making a good impression (to share Islam with others). May Allah bless and guide you and your friends.
    “Truly! They were young men who believed in their Lord (Allah), and We increased them in guidance. Q18:13

  3. Alhamdulilah… The topic addresses almost everyone of us. Well presented as well. I feel our Work places are the best places to make Dawah as we spent considerable amount of time and our actions can inspire many. Ultimately… It is Allah who guides.

  4. Jazakallahu Kieran,, it is a beautiful article and may Allah protect us from falling into making sin and from spending our valuable time doing haram things. These tips are based on our day to day real life and I can say if we are determined it is doable. Indeed successful people are the believers who are humble in their prayers , those who do not participate in false talk or non-beneficial talks and the like ..( sura al-mueminun)

  5. Jazakallah everyone for your very kind comments and suggestions, I will be sure to keep them in mind for future work.