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  1. JazakAllahu khayran,
    Is there any way we can get a high-res version of this for printing?
    Juma Mubarak for those who haven’t prayed yet!

  2. i found productive muslim as very productive.can i be adviced i want to learn the quran but i must confess my lazyness toward any effort to learn or do any studies.kindly advice.

    • Asslm ak wr wb. I pray r that Allah SWT protects us all from laziness of any kind, amin. One thing that might help motivate you is to look for a good tafseer audio that has simultaneous recitation. In shaa Allah as you listen to both the recitation and tafseer, you will want learn more and more. I have found this technique especially useful for memorisation; and Allah knows best.

  3. Asalaam alaykum

    MashaAllah a goo productive article I like it. For others like me I cannot accomplish all written in aschedule because The masjid is far away from the work place when you decide to go to the masjid it will take a longtime and they might find the source of saying Iam not perfrming well my duties so I decide to find a place near to the work place for praying,but the one who allow me to use the place said I will be allowed to use the place only when they are arround(the owner).The end time work id 15.30Pm bu For me nowdays I might leave at work 19.30 pm it means ASR & MAGHARIB prayer I must pray at work place,so I decide to pray in the car. ALLAH KNOWS BEST I have no choice. So you see even FARADH prayer is aproblem the SUNNAS like DHUHA,ISTIKHARA and others I must pray at home. The schedule be difficult for me.

    JazakaALLAH Khayr Katheera

  4. Aslamoalaikum!
    I want to share my personal experience regarding this idea of “your most productive day at work” have proved very helpful for me……… I have already read from’s emails. These were send earlier to me. For example, it indicates that at 8:00 pm listen to audio while leaving your home. I purchased a handsfree (headphone) for my android mobile. Then I downloaded Tilawa of two chapters i. Surat Al e Imran (no.3) and ii. Surat Al-Kahf (no.18) from “www.corpus.quran”. And used to listen while going to my institute and returning back to home. It is almost 3 weeks have been completed and I listened this Surat no.3 many times except on Friday i used to listen Surat no.18. Currently I am also studying 4-5 verses of the same Surat with Tafsir daily. When I’ll finish Tafsir of chap no.3. I’ll download chap 04 and will use to listen daily. Believe me this practical tip helped me a lot. I’ve been accustomed to use my time productively even during 20 min traveling daily. I left very positive influence on my lifestyle. Alhamdulillah…
    I am thankful to the organizers, participants, writers and whole team for making this site so productive and helpful. And then thankful to Allah swt for giving me chance to obey Him and His messenger. May Allah protect you people and your work and keep your in His own custody. May Allah make things easy for you. May your cause flourish. May Allah remove hurdles, difficulties from you people and your work for the cause of Allah. May Allah guide us and whole Ummah and keep on the straight path. Aameen……..

  5. MashaAllah! jazakAllahu Khayr!! The article was awesome, but I find it hard to eat before Eight, when lectures at college start 8. I’ll try my best inshAllah!

    The good article so far. I also read daily emails and all articles are best ever and helpful for my daily life. Thanks to Author, founder and team for such a big effort. Again Thanks.

  7. I like this because it protects me from spending too much time without a break, which i find super relaxing and helpful in order to complete my work efficiently and effectively. Jazak Allah Khayrun sister and those who helped!

  8. As salamu alaikum we rahmatullahi wa.barakatuhu. Amazing doodle !! Puts down most of the necessary things that we should be doing daily like salat, dhikr and reading Quraan in an organised manner properly time managed. For a housewife like me it proves very helpful as I get to organise myself and avoid wasting much time on social media . Truly very productive!! May Allah enable you all to do more good and help all of us and may Allah bless each and everyone of you at Productive Muslim .

  9. Salam alaikum.

    Hope everyone is in the best of health and iman.

    I super strongly agree that this is a template plan for all Muslims to follow but as we all know life is not that stagnant. For me, I find it important to have regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy diet in addition to that we must always make time for learning about our deen, but then again, it is so hard trying to balance out all these things esepcially without a proper and pure intention.

    may we all be given the strength to instill Islamic lifestyle in our lives.

  10. AssalamuAlaikum, Masha’Allah such a professional doodle! I’d be eager to share this with my brothers and nephew :)

  11. Asalaamu aleykum dear brothers and sisters,

    I must say that I have become a huge fan of ProductiveMuslim and the posts.
    I always look forward to hearing from you guys.
    I recommend that you all read their articles which are always inspiring and educative.

    Maasalaam and may Allah(SW) grant you the strength to proceed with your amazing work.

  12. Assalamoualaikoum. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to productive Muslim. Many thanks for guiding millions of people from the ummah. May Allah bless you with success in this life and in the hereafter.

  13. I feel like i have become the ideal muslim man using this website and i know follow all the beliefs of the prophet Muhammed.

  14. Assalamualaikum
    Alhamdulillah it’s a very good picture presentation but I am a housewife with 2kids , can you send for all home makers.