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  1. Assalamu Alaykum ya akhi
    NOTE: I’m not good in English.

    I was just thinking about “what should be title of next weekly ijtimah” & I got your mail. I read it whole and Masha-Allah found it really great and helpful. And I made my mind not only to set
    “” Your Jannah To-Do List:
    6 Tasks to Inherit Al-
    Firdaus (The Highest
    as title but also to repeat the whole article in the latter.
    The only thing I would like to ask for is the Arabic transcription of the hadih

    He said:
    “Paradise has
    one hundred
    grades, each of
    which is as big
    as the distance
    between heaven
    and earth. The
    highest of them
    is Firdaus and
    the best of them
    is Firdaus. The
    Throne is above
    Firdaus and
    from it spring
    forth the rivers
    of Paradise. If
    you ask of Allah
    , ask Him
    for Firdaus.” [
    Sunan Ibn

    if not then please give me the hadith number in the referenced book.

  2. Jzk for the amazing tips and reminder! May Allah make you and I and our respective families from the inhabitants of Jannah al-firdousa. Amiin

  3. Assalamualaikum brother to read your article how much we need to improve ourselves we always think about dunya and forget our permanent place .May Allah give to all of us jannatul firdaus Aameen. Really dear this dunia is a test to prove yourself May Allah guide us throughout our lives Aameen

  4. Assalamalaykum wrwb dear sis, that was absolutely beautiful! JazkhaAllaha khairan :) may Allah swt help me, you and all others who aspire to attain all our beloved goals ♥♥♥

  5. Jazakallah for your time and effort in writing this beautiful article. I have certainly taken learning points from it to work on in my own life, and also it has served as a reminder for me for things I have forgotten, but also encouraged me to continue doing the good things I am already trying to do. Very inspirational and a great reminder for us all to remember to work towards and make duaa for the highest level of jannah ameen

    • Salam Alhamdulillah Alhumduillah all done may Allah give us shukoor and praise me, u, Amna and all our umaati! Sisther and brother InshAllah SubhanAllah to Allah amen Allah is the most greatest amen

  6. Very nice article. You have just touched the heart by mentioning all the great lines in this article. Very well said will definitely try to follow .

  7. Allah (s.w) grant all of us AL-FIRDAUS and meet with our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in AL-FIRDAUS. Ameen,

  8. We have a halqah to study Qur’an and Sunnah in university. I am a student of 3rd year, DPT and I lead the halqah. This List… It benefited me greatly.. and will continue to do so and be my inspiration. I intend to share it with the halqah and act on it together inshAllah. I can’t thank you enough with words. Jazakumullahu Khayran Wa Hua Ahsanul Jaza :)

    • Masha’Allah, what a beautiful, productive plan you have! This reminded me of the ayah on those “Who listen to speech and follow the best of it. Those are the ones Allah has guided, and those are people of understanding.” (Qur’an 39: 18)
      May Allah make you and your colleagues at the halaqah among them!

  9. Assalamualaikum brother, Jazakallah for an incredible and much needed article. May Allah reward you. Just one suggestion – chastity is generally always mentioned in the context of sisters and their wrong-doings only. Although it is probably not intentional at all, let’s guard against letting brothers in Islam think that they are free of these rules. There are many examples of men lowering their gazes – as there are for women. In today’s time, I think it’s worth highlighting this. Jazakallah Ghairun.

  10. Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatahu!

    This was a lovely reminder. JazakAllah khairan for your efforts. May Allah unite us all in Jannatul Firdaus ul Ala
    May He accept from you and us, Ameen :)

  11. Jazakillah Khairan kathiran, very beautiful note. Assalamua alaikum wa rahmaatu ALLAHI wa barakatuhu
    I’ve read a hadith that says that, not only worshiping alone that makes people go to Jannah but also Mercies of Allah Subḥānahu wa Ta’āla (SWT). Would you be kindly write a note with regard to the Mercies of ALLAH SWT, among other things will include what is the Mercies of ALLAH SWT, who will be granted IT and why, how to reach IT. You also may want to write it similar to the above writing style……number of tasks to be granted the Mercies of ALLAH Subhanahu wa nfinetelyTaala.

    I would be grateful if you can write it right after the above note because they are interconnected.
    Jazak ALLAH Khairan Kathiran for you kind attention and help. May ALLAH SWT bless you infineattely

    Barak ALLAHU Fikum

    Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatu ALLAHI wa barakatuhu

  12. Assalamu alaikum
    I was really fascinated when I saw the title of this email, but when I started reading the article, the first point about khushoo’, made me feel that I can never reach that level :( …….. But insha Allah we all will someday if we don’t stop trying. I read a quote which inspires me till today,” If you can’t be pious, then die trying!”
    Please do check this lecture series out. It’s a really benefiting one,

    Be sure to check out all the videos, and make sure to take some valuable notes, even if doing so will take a lifetime. This is a wonderful series.

    Jazakillah Khayran Katheeran for this wonderful article. These truly ought to be our lifetime goals :)

  13. MASHAALLAH. GR8 ARTICLE. I would like to make 1 more suggestion to this and all other articles that when we write Qurani Ayaat and Hadees for even that matter, then we should first write the Arabic version followed by the English, Urdu or any other translation.
    This has many benefits. It will help us memorize Ayaats of Quran in their proper context. and understand them when we hear them in Salah or Qiraat.
    It will help us understand different words of Quran in Arabic and relate them to their translation in English etc.
    It will help all those people who are reading Translation and Tafseer of Quran currently.
    It will help us get closer to Arabic, the Language of QURAN and JANNAT.
    and many other benefits.

    Also if we could write the name of Surah with the no. of Surah then it will be easier for us to search that Ayah and Read it or Recall it from our memory.

    May ALLAH show us and guide us to the Path of HIS Obedience and Path of JANNAT UL FIRDOUS.

  14. asalamualikum. jazakallah khair for the very informative article. I hopefully in shaa Allah would like to immediately address my own weakness..and that is the observance of prayers on time. most of the times especially on dhuhr and isha prayer where we have longer times of allowed extension, it is usually on these salahs that i almost leave and do qada prayers instead..astagfirullah3x. in shaa Allah i can improve on my observance on the established times of prayers and do it on its earliest time.

  15. Assalamu allaikum

    What a wonderful article you wrote. May allah reward you for this and give us the firdaus al alah. I have a short question can I take this article and translate it in German ? With the right credits of course :D ?

    • Walaykum Asalam wa Rahmat Allah :) Absolutely, and may Allah reward you for that. It is our utmost desire to reach and benefit more people. Jazakum Allahu khairan, Sr. Sundus.

  16. JazakallAhu khair, may Allah reward u abundantly n make jannatul firdaus ur final abode. May HE give us d strenght of putting it in practice, amin

  17. Jazakumllahu khayran for this beautiful article.Its inspirational and also a reminder. May Allah continue to bless ur effort.
    keep on with the good work.

  18. A really amazing article. Beautifully explained with steps and suggestions to make applying it to our lives easy. Jazak’Allah for such work. Shared this with the friend also.

  19. Salaam aleykum warahmotuLah
    JazakumLlahu khair this was really really helpful,Please can I publish it in my schools magazine but it will still be credited to you

    • Walaykum Asalam wa Rahmat Allah,

      Absolutely, you can! It is our main desire to spread knowledge and benefit. May Allah reward you for wanting to benefit more people. Barak Allahu feekum. :)


  21. Alhamdulillahi Jazakallahu bi Khair this article is very productive. May the Almighty Allah reward all the brothers and sisters that contributed. Assalamu Alaikum

  22. Salam .
    Alhamdu liLahi wa liLahil hamdu .
    Living this entire life is inevitably a Project , whether we know and accept it as such or not .
    For lucky believers who have found and chosen Islam , this should be the ulterior and ultimate objective .
    Thank you and Allah bless .

  23. Assalam aleykum warahmatullah wabarakatu thank you for this article. JazaakAllahu khayran. May we all be among those who will strive to become better Muslims and be closer to Allah SWT.
    God bless the writer and readers of this article.

  24. Ma sha Allah
    I am really inspired…:-) Alhamdulillah
    Thank you so much for such a loving post… Looking ahead for more posts like this…:-) :-)

  25. Thank you for these messages, May Allah (SWT) reward you, your organisation & those whom you work with in collating these together.

  26. Janat is promised to us by Allah if we obey Him and His Messenger (S.A.W.) despite Shaytaan treacherous attempts put in our way to deviate us from the straight way. So as sincere followers of Muhammad we have to double or treble our efforts to kick Shaytaan out of life and attain success in Al-Firdaus in Sha Allah.

  27. Salam, jakaallahu kheiran for the great article!
    I have noticed one small mistake:
    “Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do. And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts…” [Qur’an: Chapter 23: 30-31]

    It is chapter 24 (Sura an noor) as you have written above.

  28. MashAllah. This article couldn’t have come at a better time. Alhamdulliah. In Shaa Allah, we should all try to apply it to reach the highest of paradise “Al Fardous”. Shukren & May Allah bless you, your family & the entire ummah!

  29. Subhanallah! Very encouraging article. Deeply moved by each and every word. May Allah grant you the reward for all yours efforts while writing/sharing this with us all.

  30. This was a really inspiring article I would be lying if I said it didn’t impact me deeply. InshaAllah we will all get there.
    BarakAllahu Feeki.

  31. Beautiful article ! Mashallah! It was a stress buster for me as i was preparing for my competitive exams ! I am not sure about my result but this article gave me a boost to continue to keep preparing because indeed Allah knows the efforts that i have taken.
    JazakAllah Khair! May Allah bless you and your team.

  32. AssalamuAlaikum Sr Dina,
    Mashallah even though though it’s a bit of a lengthy article, but it’s so worth it! So far I’m in love with this piece of work that touched my heart. May Allah grants you the highest paradise. Thank you for sharing us your beneficial knowledge. J.A.K.

  33. Subhaan’Allah!! What an excellently written article! May Allah(swt) bless the author and the team for this work and help to produce more of such inspirational and motivational work..!
    And may Allah make it easy for us to apply these steps and inherit this ultimate prize and goal!!

  34. Subhanallah this article was beautiful touched my soul ..knowledge is a amazing thing its its us back on track Alhumdulillah thank you for the reminders and of the real life ahera .

  35. Masha ALLAH. Jazakallahu Khairan.
    A really inspiring article. May ALLAH (SWT) continue to guide us unto His path and grant us Aljannat Firdaus. May He also continue to fuel your efforts in spreading the beauty of the deen. Aameen.

  36. Assalaam Alaikum,

    Never has an article compelled me to comment until I discovered this one Masha’Allah! Beautifully written, informative, and simply inspirational! Love the doodle too, it really helps to sum up the main points. Jazak Allah Khair for your hard work and sincere efforts. May Allah help us to consistently work on these 6 tasks throughout our lives and grant us all Jannat-ul-Firdaus, Ameen!

  37. Jazakillah Khair ukthy may Allah make it easy for us,I made a list inshaAllah will do my best thanks reading the article made me fell blessed as a muslimah??

  38. Masha Allah. Sukran. May Allah gives reward Jannah Pirdaus to whom made this detail and discuss Ayah from holy Quran.
    I will use this as basis to deliver Khutbah in mosques adjacent to our place. Im not in higher grade level in Arabic Education but thru like this website I can deliver khutbah due when katib is not present in small village..

  39. An excellent, detailed, beneficent article. One of the best i have ever read. It is also very proffesional and the sources are reliable. May Allah bless you for your efforts on educating all those who take the time to read it.

    Words cannot express how pleased i am to read an article that is clearly written for the benefit of others and not for self interest. jazakallah khair for this amazing read.

  40. Ma sha Allah, a very inspiring reminder, it really inspired me into how to achieve my ultimate goal, may Allah reward you all and grant us all Jannah tul Firdaus…jazakallahu khairan

  41. Well, it was an excellent article.

    JazakAllah for writing such an exceptional piece. I am an aspiring writer, and this was certainly an epitome of a blog post.

    May Allah grant you, me, and all of us, a place in Jannat ul Firdaus.

  42. Alhamdhulillah….. Thank you so much for sharing this to us.. may Allah SWT bless all of us in his right path… Love you all for the sake of Allah..

  43. Ma’ash’Allah, very useful list of earning the highest reward.
    I want to this article in hindi or urdu if it is possible so please share with me I want teach this article for my deeniyat classes childrens.

  44. JazakAllah Khayr for reminding me to live in accordance with the purpose in life: Worshiping Allah sincerely to enter Jannatul firdaus by Allah’s grace and mercy. May Allah make it easy for us to live Islam truthfully in this world and grant us Jannah. Ameen.

  45. There is also a part in day of judjment that we need to recite the quran whatever manjil we reach we enter that level jannah but if we dont reach seventh jannah will we still go to jannahh al firdouse when we had followed these TO DO LIST??

  46. Although I am a Christian, I found the article quite helpful, especially the bit about prayer. Prayer truly isn’t a monologue where we just come and unload on God and walk away. It’s a dialogue. He speaks and we listen, we speak and He listens. Also, nothing that occurs in our lives is too irrelevant to discuss with God, further, He knows the whole story. Every bit of it. The parts about idle talk, purity, and guarding our minds also resonated with me. Praying God opens our hearts to know more of Him by His Holy Spirit.

  47. im am very young but i have learnt so much about that whole ,my word! Allaah.w.a! its really supporting and i got to learn more about my religion and about my the way… my name means “TO CLARIFY THE DEEN” OR JUST “TO CLARIFY”

  48. JAZAKILLAH KHAIRAN KASEER..I read only the part about khushu in prayer (for which I vistex this web in the first place) and it definitely helped me..MashaAllah you’ve definitely done an amazing job with that specific part..Plz keep doing this..And you happened to mention in the 4th point in the prayer article about a specific Surah which reflected about your inner feelings?? Was it a specific Surah.??if so do u mind sharing it with us?ofcourse all surahs have terrific messages but some verses just consoles us at our worst..Once again Jazakillah..May Allah keep you and your team righlty guided always..Aameen!

  49. Beautiful trace of knowledge allah is the best in everything so lets seek his help & support especially those ones he pardoned.