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  1. I really need to do this! But I am having such a hard time staying productive during homework/studying for exams because of the internet. Especially when I need my computer for studying, the world wide web keeps distracting me :(

  2. Masha Allah.
    Its really awesome and most wanted.Alhamdulillah I have been doing most of it though I’m facing a productivity slump few days back.
    Can anyone suggest of any tools for keeping track of our progress.tip 10.

  3. i will start this schedule from tomorrow and try my level best to cling on to it…..this is my a levels 2nd year and i have lot of pressure on me rite now…..hope Allah will help me to be a better Muslim

  4. I highly recommend the app called Any.Do. Works on iPhone/Android and in your browser so your tasks can be in front of you all the time :) And the interface is so quick, simple and clean. Makes keeping a task list fun. Try it :)