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  1. Thank you Hafsa, for sharing your passion with us and the interviews were inspiring and practical. I think it is important to have some hobbies where one can actively relax. It’s awesome that you add value to others doing what you love!
    From the human needs psychology perspective, it is very important to having at least one hobby, a vehicle, through which one can fulfil their core needs. It is very healthy and helps one to be productive in other areas of their lives.

  2. My hobby is sewing/clothes designing. I have gotten a sewing machine & have downloaded hints related to this but I am yet to find time to actually practise on the machine. I intend to attend a fashion sch but d fee is outrageous & I’m yet to even start sewing. I am good @ designing d clothes but not cutting & sewing. Just had a baby in June & working. Can any one suggest something, pls? I try to create time but struggling.

    • Tip #1 – take small steps. Break down your hobby into small, manageable tasks. If you have 15 minutes before the baby wakes up, then perhaps, you can sketch a draft of the design. And then the next time you have 15 minutes available, you can take it a step forward etc.

      You mentioned being good at design, but not cutting and sewing. I don’t see that as a drawback – because they are people out there that can cut and sew, but not design. And they are willing to pay for the design sometimes.

      I would look up to see how others sell their designs and get ideas from there, insha Alah.

  3. Salaam Sis Hafsa, as I mentioned, this is simply inspiring masyaAllah ;) congrats! What has Sis Jenna said about how one shouldn’t make ‘not having the right tools/stuffs’ as an excuse not to get started, really hits me hehe. I remembered how I used to think that I’m not going to take enjoying doodling/sketching seriously till I get that exact pens/stuffs- that others used to have, or not to sew until I have my sewing machine but masyaAllah, ya, then I realised that’s not how it should be. Also as mentioned said above, how it’ll force one to think outside the box- it’s true, and this alone is exciting insyaAllah :)

    Plus, if I may relate how important it is for one to have supports from family and friends, etc,. So if you’re having a family member/friend, who has that potential to go further with a skill or talent, be supportive! May the benefit be mobilised, so it’s not only him/her who enjoy much and everything of it but in fact it benefits the ummah insyaAllah.

    And I remember Br Mustafa Davis once touched on; how it might sounds irony to some when one is saying sth like, ‘I make money from doing things I love’. But there’s nothing wrong with it. You can do it for charity or to get some sort of ‘side-income’ from it(if you’re not doing it as a full-timer), etc., it’s okay biiznillah. As long as we know what’s that we *ultimately* sought for, and keep it on track… aren’t we? ;) Allahulmusta’an.

  4. It’s always inspirational to know about how others are doing things that they love and enjoy. But i have always been faced with one problem whenever i intend to create some crafts… lack of space. this problem really limits one’s creativity. Any suggestions to deal with this are welcomed. :)

    • ah yes! Totally know what you mean. I think the secret is in organization. Most of us don’t have a studio to work from, so we just need to make the most of the space we have.

      Tips that worked for me:
      1. Find appropriate containers. Putting my beads in with the ribbon collection isn’t a very good idea. But if I had a smaller container for the beads, then I can find them easily.
      2. Put them away (in its place!). Once I use my circle scissor, I put it away. It takes up a lot of space on my desk and I don’t use it too often.
      3. Be creative with your storage ideas. I use a rubbermaid box for my paper punches. Now I’m looking for a “slide/hide-under-bed” kind.
      4. Clean up often. Look through your supplies and sell / give away what you haven’t used in a while. No point in hoarding them, otherwise.

      Hope you find these useful, insha Allah.

  5. My hobby is spoken word poetry, and this has made me realise where i was going wrong, i kept it at the ‘interest’ level and didn’t advance my passion further than that (i.e give it a hobby status). Alhamdulilah i have written quite a few but need to work on performance before i can record them. Masha’Allah this post helped quite abit. Jazak’Allah Khair.

  6. thank you for sharing that very motivating hobbies. I was thinking to create a new hobby in my life. By this inspired me to have a hobby instead of study my academic book. Jazak’Allah Khair.

  7. Thank you for this uplifting post. Especially sister Mezba, masha Allah for the effort may He rewards her. Her lego website is beautiful.

    I think definition of hobby = something you wouldn’t mind to spend sleepless night for :D not because you’re obliged, but because you’re really passionate for it. My hobby personally is reading spiritual stuff and write them. It’s like there’s a part of me that’s missing if I don’t do that….. That’s called passion, I guess.

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