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  1. As Salaam Alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah the new site and everything looks awesome, but I kind of miss the old taskinator where you can open it in pdf and type it up on your computer rather than printing it out :( . Other than that, looks great! jzk for all your efforts!

  2. Please put a link to the old taskinator. I really liked it and it would be great to get back to using it. The layout was just a lot easier on the eye than the new one is!

    • you can find the daily taskinator in the same excel sheet with the weekly one … open the file and you’ll find that it has two tabs (weekly – daily) in the bottom left side.

  3. salaams, ive really become addicted to this website, the wait was definately worth it! have you thought of doing an app for this?

  4. Assalamu `Alaykum

    Something really small. Can you please change the 2010 to 2011 on the worksheet as I don’t know how to edit the pdf file?

    Jazakullahu khairan

  5. maybe you could sell it in a book form, with calender included ^^ i would definitely buy it with reasonable price~

  6. I am new….it seems very beneficial to a confused person like me
    but i do not understand it clearly
    do i write the starting time in the squares ?? and what I write in the right of the squares ??
    and if you could put the Islamic date (hijri)
    may allah reward you :)

    • @ Zaher, no problem. Here’s a quick explanation:

      – Write the starting hours of each day in the squares. e.g. 5.00am, 6.00am, 7.00am..etc.
      – Then on the lines next to the squares, write the tasks you want to do in those hours. Essentially, you’re blocking time off for those tasks.
      – yup, we’re updating for 2011 soon inshaAllah.


  7. SA Brother
    You need to update it to be 2011 , or even editable  (The Date Part)
    Gazak Allah kheir

  8. salam alaikum. i tried downloading the old version, but i think there’s something wrong with the font. when it comes out, its unreadable, like some codes instead of words. help me out? Syukran!

    • Looks find on our end. Here’s the link
      can you try again?

  9. salam alaikum, i’m so glade of what i find here in this website but i really want to ask you if it possible to make anew version -from all the worksheets- can be printed in pocket size or even A5. it’ll so helpful for me.
    Gazakoum Allah Kheir

  10. Thanks very much I hope you can summarize a project about : how I can change my life and manage my time to do the things should I do and stop wasting time

  11. Assalamu’alaikum brothers and sisters!

    I’ve been here on this site for quiet some time – lol – only a few days. I found this site and page through a wallpaper search. I think this taskinator is really helpful, though i’d like all of your help in using this pdf printout… :)

    jazaakallahkhair !

  12. Assalamu’alaikum brothers and sisters!

    I’ve been here on this site for quiet some time – lol – only a few days. I found this site and page through a wallpaper search. I think this taskinator is really helpful, though i’d like all of your help in using this pdf printout… :)

    jazaakallahkhair !

    • Alayikum salam brother. It would be my pleasure to put mine here, but it is in Albanian,  which is my native language and probably you may note understand it.

      Salam Alayikum we Rahmetullahi we Berekatuhu.

    • Sure you can! :)
      Here is the link

    • It is actually!

      You can buy Siratt lifebooks in which they have incorporated this very taskinator for each day of the year (ProductiveMuslim certified!) :) Get it here

  13. As-salaamu Alaykum Brother.

    Have you thought of making a “Productive Muslim Taskinator Diary”?This could be an innovative little (or A5 sized) diary which has around 100 pages for example, and contains the daily taskinator sheet on each page. With maybe a motivational quote at the bottom, and the date on the top like a conventional diary. I think it will prove really popular.

    Keep up the good work!Your brother.

  14. Subhan Allah. One of my sis recommended you. You are really Mashallah. May Allah put you in the highest paradise garden. Ameen. 

  15. Thank you so much for presenting to us with this new planner.Before this I just have my own planning activities  in my own daily planner that I would write and sometimes I go mix them all between my study plans and also for my personal development such as reciting or memorising ayahs from the Quran but with this new  layout I find it really good and practical and it gives me an insight to modify a little bit with the already one I do.And thank you for creating the taskinator into excel format that I can download later..Ya I agree with the previous comments that it should be in the apple apps version..hehe..anyhow thank you so much ;)

  16. awesome! I’m all hyped up to try it out soon and start a more productive life inshaAllah :) Thank you! 

    It would be even better if you made a writable pdf version of the daily taskinator :)

  17. there’s no daily taskinator !! the above link (excel) leads to the weekly taskinator. pls fix this mistake cuz i need the daily taski :(

  18. assalamualikum 

    JazakAllah khair .. Ive just joined an Islamic Studies program and Im so behind on my lessons it annoys me …besides house chores and a lil toddler + family to manage i really want to break up my time… I loved ur taskinator InshaAllah going to start working on it …

    Umm Yahya

    • It has made my life …Alhamdulilah May Allah bless you with best in dunya and Akhirah! jazakAllah khair …

  19. Could you have it as an android app too? hehe i would certainly make use of it and i would definitely introduce it to my other muslim friends! this taskinator is a must for every student! :D and im glad that I can plan my time for Islamic stuff too :)

  20. I am finding it difficult to keep it up but when I do get around to doing it my day is so much more productive and I am content with how the day has gone.
    Maybe its a general thing, I am not sticking to any of the things I get started on like the sleep routine (I do 15 minutes of each thing or even 10 minutes to make more accomplishable) but still somehow get off track after few nights and then things just happen and I am going with the flow but I am really dissatisfied with things being so….. So any help on staying consistent? Its the consistency aspect I am really needing to change! I know it but need practical ways of staying on with it…… 
    I tried making tasks not burdensome but also keeping them motivating but it all frizzles out after a period of time :( 

  21. Thanks a lot brother for this simple yet genius idea!
    im going to start using it insha Allah..
    i cant wait for the android version :)

  22. Really very nice article, May Allah shower upon his mercy on all of you, JazakumuLlah, you inspired us really, very informative and good plan. I recommend to you to make a kind of small book (such as novel) which everyone can carry his pocket in order to implement it. Masha Allah

    • Walaikum Assalam, JazakAllah Khair for informing us. A Yearless link has been added now where it says “Download the Daily Taskinator Now”, so that you can add the current year as you wish insha’Allah.

  23. Assalamu alaikum
    I have a few questions regarding how to use daily taskinator exactly. I humbly request to respond to my questions as soon as possible
    1. Is right hand side section for each and every task we do daily?
    2. There are only 14 boxes, then how would we assign each hour for tasks?
    3. Is task means everything we do daily?

  24. Masha Allah…! I’ve never seen such an organized way of a Daily Routine Taskinator anywhere else. Great Idea..! Sir, i’m a student doing my higher studies. we know that a student’s routine differs from an employer’s routine. so, how can i organize my time including the school hours, time for studies, time for revising, etc? may allah grant you the paradise of firdouse!

  25. yes, it would be really helpful if there’s student version, and android version too.. jazakAllahu khayran

  26. Alsalamu alaykum :)

    I’ve been using the taskinator in and out since 2010, jazakum Allah kheir it really does help.
    I was just wondering, is there an android application for it? It would be SO useful.

  27. Alsalamu alaykum, I dont know how to use the daily or weekly Taskinator. can someone please help me? Jazaak Allah Khair

  28. Assalamu aliekum

    i’m a student doing my Doctoral studies in management. could you please provide student version of Taskinator. may be it is very easy for you because you also cross the student life.

    Allah hafiz

  29. Masha’Allah…Jazakallah and may Allah the Al-Mighty bless you plenty for this creation! For sharing purposes, insha’Allah it will inspire those out there…Alahmdullilah, I have been using this for my own personal development and I see, hear & feel the results of getting things done with the concept: Starting my day with a plan-a plan I planned a day before and not simply on the very same day. With in mind, it may not go as planned, however I have a clearer mental projection written out simply an act of de-cluttering my mind. With plenty of dua’s, always consciously reminding myself to leave all my matters in the Deen’s hands and plans,while I do my part in putting in the hard work, effort and intentions of pleasing ONLY HIM when I want to do my BEST in all my tasks ;)
    Alhamdullilah…with Allah’s guidance, perseverance and patience, I am even now implementing the similar structure however making simple changes to the tasks description, I am using the same taskinator for my workplace with the staffs that I am working with. We’re still managing things around however the results are simply AWESOME! Productive Manager is what I am Insha’allah…

    • @Nor – Thank you very much for sharing this with us! We’re glad to see the Taskinator is helping you and your staff, alhamdulillah. JazakiAllah khair!

      Keep the feedback coming and feel free to make suggestions for improvement.

  30. This is wonderful! Is there a hard-copy taskinator? It would be wonderful to have a taskinator planner for the year. I need to use actual planners rather than electronic ones for some reason…

    • @Paola – Glad you like it! We don’t provide hard-copy versions (yet). However, you can print this one out.

    • @Ahash – We had one, but it wasn’t that great, so we took it off the market. We’re hoping we can invest in developing an awesome app possibly in 2015 though, in sha Allah! Make dua.

  31. Alhumdulliah , I wanted to keep my life planned and organized but I wantes doing in mind. Obviously I forget and couldn’t get most of my time.But this Taskinator helps me a lot …

  32. Assalam o alaikum really good and effective approach, have a suggestion, why don’t you make it into an app??

  33. This is a cool organiser for any day in general and the month of Ramadan in particular. Hope to benefit from it this Ramadan 2015.

  34. Waalaikum Assalam
    I feel good to join I am reading your manifesto. I will work on Quality #4 inshaAllah to bring some positive change in my life. May Allah Bless you and your productive Muslim team peace and success in life. Jazak Allah

  35. Alhamdulillah,
    I download this before a year. but i didn’t use it. coz i was not known how to use it in my life.
    But as I felt very annoyed last few days being unproductive, i was searching for such tool.
    Alhamdulillah, while i was in your website , i found this again.
    In sha allah , I vl use this from.
    Make dua me to be productive!!

  36. The least I can say is Shukran zajakallahu khar. It is of recent I came across this very beneficial tool for every Muslim. Indeed it has greatly awaken me and every hour of the day goes well with something tangible either for myself, family work or the Muslim ummah. May the Almighty Allah reward Abuproductive and his team. Ameen.

  37. Assalamualaikum. May Allah bless everyone behind this effort. Do consider making an app for the same. It would be more easier. JazakAllahu khairan.

  38. Thank you so much for the article! When i learned english, i will be active and i will be productive iA.. From Turkey, salam and love…

  39. Aslm shukran fr very informative discussion n tips .May Allah reward n increase each n everyone involved Insha Allah Aameen.

  40. Can I share my taskinator between my phone and laptop? For e.g I type some something on my laptop after fajr and having my phone to remind me through out the day what I had planned.

    I don’t like to cary around my laptop everywhere, I do it only for school.

  41. Ma sha Allah, jazakumullah khairan. I am benefiting from this wonderful work, Alhamdulillah.
    Even though ‘ve be doing my daily task with out writing any thing down, but now I now have an ideal on how to plan & write my activities. May Allah make it easy for us all.
    May Allah stores this wonderful work in your book of good deeds, Ameen

  42. Assalamu alaikum.. I think something is wrong. The taskinator pdf files are not being loaded. Can u please send me the filable pdf versions through email?

    Jazakallahu Khairan

  43. Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuh Thanks aloot for sharing this valuable article and the e-book , i just love this productive Muslim academy . Masha Allah , may Allah bless all of the productive Muslim members for the great task 🌸👍