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  1. Praise the lord of the Heaven and the Earth that help me to come across this website.! alhamdulillah I pray to Allah that everybody who uses productive Muslim website and the people works for this company have a productive happy and healthy year!

    • It worked for me. I clicked on the word “download” and a Dropbox link opened. Maybe you could try again In sha Allah.

  2. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
    This will be hung up in my office like last year.
    Jazakum Allahu Khairan!

  3. Thank you for your help in designing this calendar. It such a great help for me. May Allah reward you with better reward, and accept your good deeds.

    If it doesn’t bother you, would it be possible to share link to download calendar like this for 5 years ahead? (up to 2023).
    Thank you for your help,

  4. Excellent tool machaAllah, I’ve used it last year and it helped a lot to have full view on the year…

    I was extremely happy to found 2018 version as well!

    Jazakoumou Allahou Khayran

  5. JazakAllahu khair it is really of great help…….may Allah(swt) bless all of you….I’ve benefitted a lot with this acadamy…And yes need an easy way to donate.