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    • Assalamou Aleikoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu not productive. You are not the only one seeing yourself as Umm unProductive. I do too. But I think the fact that we are alive and have the opportunity to read such inspiring articles mean we have a chance to become Productive. And with the help of Allah (swt) we will. Let us stop feeling sad for ourselves, get up make the right intention(s), Doa(s), take the first step and before we know it we’ll become Umm Productive :-D. May Allah (swt) bless the ProductiveMuslim team and their family in every possible way and may He (swt) make it easy for us. Ameen!

      • Jazakillahu khayra for your advice. The problem is getting to change and stopping bad habits. I agree with you, we need to take the step and then seek the help of Allah swt. I totally agree with you. May Allah swt help us do good deeds and keep away from the traps of shaytan.

  1. Assalamualaikum ,
    Nice simple tips worth following…..Really relieves one’s stress at multi tasking.I appreciate the very idea of your team to focus on this issue of improving productivity with tension free mind as this is the major prob faced by each n every individual now a days , many works to do , no time, stress , health disorders , no proper time for family and the chain continues…..And your team is doing so wel to break this chain Ma shaa ALLAH , JAZAKUMULLAHU KHAIRAN .

  2. Assalamu Aliakkum

    While I went through the doodle in brief, I was thinking ‘ It was wrote with the focus of me ‘ . It is a good motive
    subject and expect more like this in future.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  3. asalamu alikum. :)
    It’s better 2 include a flow chart… easy 2 read..
    include me in ur duas, to b Productive witout procrastination..

  4. barakallah feekum and your entire team

    i totally agree with you and i pray i b a productive person.
    what i want to ask is as follows
    though doing tasks beforehand is productive, somehow doing that same task at the last minute gets it done a lot faster. when i have got more time i just relax and do ity so it takes a lot more time.
    so doesnt last minute work save us time
    (i am not debating here, just asking your opinion)
    jazakumullah khairan

  5. Assalamoalaikum

    i come under the watcher category and tonight i promised myself that i wont watch any serial…subhanallah allah brought in front of my eyes myself as an onwards i will try my best to stay away from staying up at night and will sleep early.

    jazakallah khair

  6. Really awesome and relatable.
    May Allah help us all to overcome laziness and procrastination.