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  1. I am grateful to my hubby as v go whenever v like to do umrah n now v r planning for haj.May Allah callus to make us His guest n accept our good deeds good words n good thoughts. Ameen

  2. I really like it, but why always the black or darker couple are portrayed as the bad ones and the whites or lighter couple seem more pious?

    • I agree Nurdeen but keep in mind these are the thoughts of a person not Allah. I have been married to my husband for seven years and each day we are growing with abundance.

    • I watched the entire video, and found it very beneficial however, I didn’t see a problem with racism until I read the comment section. I will have to disagree with you lot. I went back to re-watch the video and I didn’t find racism, rather I found red and yellow people not “dark vs. light” I think you guys are looking into it a tid bit too much. Sorry just my opinion.

  3. I’m grateful to my spouse for making me a better person in term of attitudes and behavior towards others. Alhamdulillah for having him as my hubby.

  4. I am grateful to Allah (SWT) for a wonderful partner , caretaker who fulfills not only my basic requirements but also those wishes which he is not obligated to even consider.May Allah grant and fulfil all his wishes that will take him closer to jannah, priority being, his duty towards serving his family(mother, sister, brother) and also his city(to help muslim community from what Allah has bestowed on him.

  5. Alhamdullilah Allah swt has blesses me with a partner who is very God fearing and is always by my side in difficult times. She is always reminding me about hereafter and life in jannah. I really wish Allah swt keep us together until our last breath and blesses us with knowledge and keep us in love and Allah’s mercy.

  6. I am grateful to my spouse for always reminding me to be grateful to Allah(SWT) for watever He destines for us. And I am grateful to Allah (SWT) for granting me a spouse wbom I can luv for His sake!

  7. I am grateful for my wife for always being supportive of me and taking care of my needs without being asked. She makes me become a better person Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless everyone involved with this project. May Allah make all those who are married happy with one another. May Allah give all those who are single, spouses which will benefit them in this life and the next. May Allah bless us all with offspring who are righteous. Amin!

  8. I’m grateful to my husband for always being there for me. It’s awesome how he stayed so calm through our pregnancy when I was always so impatient and bad tempered. It’s a blessing to have him in my life.
    And I’m so happy to see another animation after so long. They’re the best animations! Keep it up

  9. Alhamdulillah, with 18 years of marriage, u do have ups and down, and it is how u handle it, i have to say my spouse after our disagreement he does listen to my views and change to make the situation better, praise to Allah for giving a considerate spouse to me

  10. I am not married yet but I have so many dreams and wishes and foremost thing is I want to get marry to purify myself and guard my chastity even better.Wanna marry a pious man who would take me to heaven and closer to Allah SWT so I keep making Du’a: Ya wahabu hablina zaujan sauliha :)

  11. Point to remember: Allah likes OBEDIENCE. With time we realise that if Allah orders something, indeed there is khair for us in it, so we are left with no alternative but to obey Allah and His Messenger, next our parents and our husbands if we are married.

  12. Mashallah what a good way to express how can marriage look like within weeks and years. I’m not married yet though I really hope I would be one of those good samples of the productive couples shown on the left in this animation Insha’Allah.
    Thank you for your share. J.A.K.