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  1. Very intriguing article, MashAllah….It’s something we all need to know at some point in our lives. Jazakallah for sharing!

  2. MashaALLAH, JazakALLAH! We should always make a lot of supplications and istigfaar during adversity.May ALLAH make it easy.

  3. JazakAllahu khayr for this great articles, i look forward to all of your articles!! They’re benificial and i see myself changed my mindset and have a fuller more productive life. :)

  4. Maashaa Allah thabaarakAllah, life will be full of bliss if we abide by what this article says. Jazakallah khair for such a beautiful and empowering article. May Allah’s blessings be upon you always, aameen!

  5. True
    In fact its Law of Attraction as the west calls it is deeply rooted in islam…Surah Yusuf is all about being positive basically ..+