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  1. There is a problem I see with firefox/chrome I use to view PM articles. Whenever I like the post, the popup window from facebook hides behind the ‘previous post’ tab on the page and I can’t really write any message over the post I like. please note.

  2. I would definitely recommended this website to all My Brothers and Sisters even families, It changed my personal I love it Mansha Allah Thank you to those who created this website. I think all of you would like it insha allah^_^:)<3

  3. Jazakum Allahu Khair! The concept I found most interesting is the definition of a neighbour given by Al-Hasan. Alhamdulillah, I live in a wonderful neighbourhood filled with families of various cultures and backgrounds (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Yemeni, Lebanese, Ukranian, German, etc etc etc.). After reading this article however, I realized that I wasn’t taking advantage of the ne’ma. Inshallah this will help take the time (*need to learn how to be productive first :P*) to interact with my neighbours more and more. I already have a million ideas running through my mind ;).

  4. Masha Allah. Jazakallahu khairan Abu productive. This is really helpful and inspiring. Wish u and us all Allahs guidance. Amin

  5. If I try my best to be kind, helpful, caring, and sweet with my neighbors by giving them gifts frequently, sharing food often, spending on them when they are in need, offer them private car driver to get grocery…. and the same neighbors talk about my personal matters behind my back, be very rude if we are unable to help, ring the bell and come to our home at very odd times, taunt at our food in our gatherings in front of everyone, do not pay the private driver and have us pay him for them everytime – then WHAT should we do? They take advantage of our kindness.

    • Assalam alai kum Wa rahamtullahi Wa barakatahu dear sister,

      Mashalalh you are a good neighbor!!i understand your pain, May Allah swt make it easy for you.

      but you have to think–
      1. who am i doing it for– for Allah swt, to make Him happy with me.
      then—whatever happens you will get your reward from Him
      so don’t let their idle talks hurt you and stop you from doing good and earning His pleasure.You carry on your good work and sit back and enjoy the Rewards which he bestows upon you in all areas of your life.

      2. for any misuse of your facilities– maybe you could tell them nicely that it gets very difficult for you . eg pay the driver .. make dua to Allah swt and ask His help to solve this matter. inshallah He will guide you in the best manner and let you continue your good work

      Sana gul

    • Assalam alai Kum Wa rahamatullahi Wa barakatahu Dear Sister,

      the tips shared in the beginning of the article are applicable to ALL neighbors “Including Non Muslim”. the extra tips have been shared in the article to do that extra with a Muslim and a Muslim relative Neighbor as they have more rights on us.

      and the general tips that i shared have been collected by witnessing the experiences of Muslim neighbors with their NON Muslim ones.


      Sana Gul

  6. It is a nice article!!

    But can you share some tips
    how to deal with a non-Muslim neighborhood (in work and at home)?

    Thank you & Jazakom allah kolla khayr

    • Assalam alai kum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatahu,

      the tips shared in the article are all applicable to Non Muslim neighbors they enjoy a right on us.
      Muslim and Muslim Relative Neighbors enjoy more rights on us.

      so you can do all that is mentioned in the article plus any other idea that comes up in your mind with your Non Muslim neighbors at work and home.
      courtesy and kindness and good manners in general go a long way in establishing a fruitful relationship and also is da’wah in some ways as they see how focused and organized islam is as a religion that it pays attention to every detail in our lives.

      Sana Gul

  7. Asslaamu alaykum jazakallah khair for this article its very beneficial. What do you suggest a youngster to do in their dealings with the neighbours.

    • Assalam alai kum wa rahamatullahi Wa barakatahu ,
      its a very good question you have asked.
      1.youngsters can help neighbors by helping them carry their groceries in the house or anything that seems to difficult to manage. sometimes a sister is struggling with kids and groceries or shopping bags and its raining or snowing or generally tough.
      2.they can open doors.
      3. if visiting the home of neighbors they can help carry the dishes to the kitchen
      4.volunteer to teach some kid the Quran or Math or Reading.
      5.take time out to accompany an elderly neighbor to the local library.

      General Courtesy and Kindness go a long way inshallah!!


      Sana Gul

  8. Masha’Allah, this is just another example of the many reasons why I love Islam. All people may take part in these actions. Allah is the Most Wise. Subhanallah!

  9. Assalaamu Alaikum! jazaakallah khair for such a beneficial article on a topic very much needed in our communities especially for those living in the West. Being kind and helpful to our neighbors is an excellent Dawah tool, so we should make multiple intentions when dealing with neighbors.

  10. it is not as easy as it looks. you also need to bear their odd habits.

    i try to do my best , and hope some day things would be different.

  11. That is so nice , you remind us about the Nobel actions we forget about .and that is not only for making friendship but also for sticking together , helping each other, inspiring each other of what useful for life, for our kids and ofcourse for also al yaom alakher.

  12. Assalam alaikum. Jazakallah for writing this wonderful article about the basic needed muslim behaviour. I wilI really try to follow it.

  13. iy luv all ua articles… dey r simply fantabulous… being a student iy come across many problems,, bt ua articles help me alot to boost up ma imaan!! and your animations are very informative :) . . jazakallah

  14. Shukran sister Sana Gul for this amazing article on neighbours….. May Allah reward you with Jannah. Ameen
    Alhamdulillah I am learning alot from Productive Muslim. Jazakallahu Khair.

  15. Ma’sha’Allaah, good neighborliness is one of the excellent Islamic moral virtues. May Almighty Allaah make us good neighbors and also bless us with good neighbors.