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  1. Wow.. a really nice place to visit I have to say.. And the best way to end world hunger is obligation of zakat must be proclaimed to all sides so that the gap between the rich and the poor is not too wide. Well, it will require a lot of effort so that it can be realized. Yess, we need a caliph!

  2. every year charity organization spend billions of money for food in place likes of underdeveloped countries of asia and africa. Even after spending their condition is as same it is or worse than before. where does the fund goes. is it mishandled. or is it not monitored by the organization. ? instead of giving food we need to make them to make way for their food. we should find job for them.

    • Salam.
      What we need is not jobs for the less fortunate. Arable land and people teaching them how to produce food. If one cannot grow product x then someone else will. All foods taken to a local market where everyone can take what they need. You don’t need money to grow your food; you only need good seeds – non-GMO seeds.

      Blessings from a non-Muslim.

  3. the tips are good for us to make us aware of our own role but if we look at this problem it is actually created by the view that there are limited resources and too many people. the world powers are creating the environment where food shortages occur in some parts of the world and food waste in others. its a bigger problem than one man fixing his habits. it requires the efforts of a colletive body. if we look at the famine when umar bin al khattab was khalifah, this shows us how problems can actually be resolved. if we look at the countries where hunger is rife, there are adequate resources but governments are not distributing them or else they are selling land to mutlinationals and letting them grow food for the western markets, like coffee instead basic food stuff for local markets.i lived in pakistan and have seen myself that there is an influx of foriegn produce which is unaffordable to the masses and local farmers are unable to sell their produce in the markets. it would be great to end hunger, but the way to do it would be to raise awareness of the political realities. JazakAllah khair and i love your tips!

  4. This is really important…Food is available…only it does not reach all people. Subsidiaries are misused as much as funds. i believe starting small organisations that can educate people who are deprived will be really helpful.

  5. I would agree with the comments made that there are organizations who collect a great amount to help those in poverty, many charity groups but the reality is that on the ground people are dying of hunger, clean water etc. To believe that there is not enough resources is a cover up by those who gain from it, the world powers. It comes down to how the economy is handled. In todays reality how the economic system works its to fill the pockets of the rich and not concern themselves with those who are in need. You have many empty slogans by multinational companies and so called G8 Countries to end poverty but no real solutions. If we look to the economic system that Muhammad saw established we can see how He saw dealt with poverty etc. One is collect Zakat correctly which is a job of the State, ( Muhammad saw would send assistance to collect zakat put it in the Baytul Mahl the treasury and spend on the categories mentioned in the Quran) Also allow farmers, local people to grow, make and sell goods not just multinational companies. These are just 2 examples. The world needs such solutions. Jazak Allah for the tips, we as individuals need to give, share and be mindful of others.

  6. Jazak Allah Khair for this awesome thought provoking article,if we all play our part and contribute even a small amount,it all adds up and Allah SWT puts Barakah in it,I agree with the comment that we should also strive to make people independent so they can earn their own living,we should all look around us and not miss a chance to either educate someone,assist someone in either their educational/vocational achievement with good intention and it would go a long way in sha Allah.