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  1. Jzk! I have tried keeping a journal in the past and I find when i write something and look back, it just makes me cringe so bad. Its very off putting, I end up throwing it all away because I feel so embarrassed at myself. Any suggestions ? Ws

    • I personally find it hard as well to look back at most of what I write because they bring back unwanted memories (probably because I usually write down what I don’t want to think about), but I don’t delete it. I just leave it as it and don’t look at it because I may be able to do so several years from now and take more lessons from all those experiences. Because of the lock feature on penzu (alhamdulillah), I can just lock the articles and pretend they don’t exist. I hope that helps :)

    • As a writing teacher, I love students and writers who look at their older work and reflect on it. Why? Because you learn from its quality. You can see what was good and what was bad. When you see the bad stuff, you can try to rewrite it to see how you can make it better. That can help you become a stronger writer.

    • Hi Nadia, I totally understand what you mean by that. Some entries we are write are definitely cringe-worthy but I believe that’s just apart of life. We make mistakes – some embarrassing – but journalling helps us learn from it so why don’t you give it another try? Plus with electronic journals, you can simply write in it and close it.
      Let me know how it goes!

  2. I used Penzu for a while but find it hard to keep myself motivated to write regularly. 750 words seems to have mechanisms to promote consistency

  3. as-salaamu ‘alaikum wrwb Sister Mifrah, Jazaakillah khair for this article! I signed up for penzu today and am loving it, alhamdulillah; it’s seriously a wish come true. I’m delighted that an app like this actually exists.

  4. ohlife is okay but lacks a lot of fun features I would prefer for journaling since i am a new starter, and it doesn’t let you post twice on the same day.

    • Hi Aisha, Evernote is pretty cool. I find myself going to Evernote mainly when I am travelling as it has a cool feature of tracking the location you wrote the entry in. So when I look back I can view all the countries and cities I have visited but for everyday journalling, Penzu is my journal :)

  5. I use OhLife and like it too. Especially since I am not consisten in journal writing and it can be a put off when you see the empty pages in diary! But then with OhLife it’s like blogging your day details alhumdulillah! But I wish they had more features atleast like adding images! I’d like to try out penzu now, inshaAllah!