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  1. Salam, this article on social media have never been written at a time better than now when focus of the Ummah is directed towards it n alot unmindful of the negative consequence of what we post. I pray the Ummah find it useful and focus only on the positive side that will benefit us in this world and the hereafter. Jazakallahu bi khair may Allah increase you in knowledge n understanding

  2. jazakallah kher..
    a much needed article..i was looking for something like this for so long..a push..which you have given me..and in sha Allah i will be not wasting my time from now on..may you get ajr of this..and may Allah swt forgive our sins.

  3. Salamu alaikum. This article needs to be read by a lot of people on social media. The biggest treat to using social media is insincerity which is riya even for those who post Islamic articles. Some might post for the sake of Allah but by the time they start getting likes and shares it gets to their heads and causes a feeling of pride. My advice to muslims who use facebook and other social is is to either delete them from their smartphones or minimise their usage to the bearest minimum. Because riya is a sin that can take a person to hellfire and social media is not worth going to hell for.

    May Allah give us the strength to do the right thing before it is too late.

  4. My main reason, to open a social media account was to be able to communicate with my friends. But after a while I realized that I was spending so much time on my phone, and than I deleted all of my social network accounts more than 3 weeks ago, the first week wasn’t so good because you want to go back again at your daily social network searching routine, but I didn’t go back, and now I really feel more productive, I spent my time on the things that I benefit from, and surily I feel more human.

    • Ma sha Allah sister. Glad to know you took the best step. You are an inspiration for others now making it clear that its not an impossible task to get off social media and get involved into more productive things. May Allah keep you steadfast. Ameen

  5. Ma shaa Allah. This article is the “need of the hour”. It has been rightly pointed out that this obsession is becoming the norm and has to be consciously avoided at all costs. May this message sound a warning to all our Ummah and let’s collectively pledge to eradicate this dangerous vice. Jazakallah khairan for this well thought out message and for the apt suggestions.

  6. Assalamu alaikum wrwb! An excellant article , a much needed one, awakeup call to everyone who is obsessed on the social media

  7. Salaam Alykom Brother I enjoyed wat u wrote MashAllah every thing u said was so true they have more of a relationship with there phones than with the people they should love I pray Allah forgives them

  8. Asalaam walykum thank you for this article, the intro made me think yes this is me! But then i read out the list..i couldn’t relate to any of the points, heres my thing, i feel like i am doing some facebook activism by sharing posts or news which i think needs attention to those who are ignorant to what is going on in the world today, then i find myself refreshing my page to find more news to share aswell as some dawah posts, now I’m not sure if many are benefitting or not but in my head i feel its my duty, however i do spend ALOT of time doing this, i dont care for likes and dont share any personal things, should i be using my time in doing something else more productive? Probably…. i could do with some advice for someone like me..jzkk

    • Salam Alykum Sim,
      I believe the niyyah with which you go to social media matters. This great article tacitly tells those who want to do dawah on social media have to be strategic about it. I personally know people who became Muslims through posts on social media. But what good is it if you bring people into the fold of Islam while your own acts are gradually becoming values because of some level of riyya that might crop up into your mind?
      I also believe dawah workers should embrace social media. They, however, have to treat it intelligently. There should be time to learn, time to teach and time to relate with their own families and relative.
      So, for example, before you post anything on the “socials”, renew your niyyah that you want to teach people about your topic. Then read more about the topic. Take copious notes and note the point. Never post until you have revised your notes. Then take just one point re-write it in your own word.
      Express the idea in not more than 30 words. And post. Every time you do this, you are not only learning before teaching, you are also growing productively. And people will always want to read your posts on the premises that you don’t post rubbish. They probably will want to reach out to you to become their mentor. Remember this: Always learn before you post. Always post meaningfully and short. Hope this helps.

  9. masyaAllah, such a great article! Made me reflect on my attitude towards social media. Need to get rid of the constant need for other people’s approval and focus only on pleasing the Lord, Allah swt.
    Thanks for such enlightening piece of writing.

  10. Very useful post although I do not use smart phone or social media but still it was eye opening and beneficial for me

  11. Al Hamdulillah, Very amazing article. Very helpful to everyone who are using smart phones. This will keep a tab on our usage of social networking.
    Jazakallah for this useful article.

  12. Hello Brother in Islam,
    May Allah grant you peace, ease, blessings and all goodness for such an article that might fire in the imagination of those Muslim brothers and sisters who are actually suffer from such obsession. May Allah save us. Thank you once again for such an effort that Insha Allah shall bring positive result.


  13. Yes, Now a days socia media is everything !!!!

    Technology can make you or break you.And off course social media can make you or break you…Very good article..

    Insha Allah, hoping to for more detailed article series about ” How we can be productively make use of social media to lead life in productive manner “..

  14. May Allah swt protect you at every single step of this life and the next, jazaakumu Allahu khairan Ustadhah!

    Some more tips:
    1. Duaa
    2. I logg out of my account & try to open it at the time set for it. (I am using an application, TimeTune, to manage my time, I highly recommend it.)
    3. Remember Allaah swt will ask you about your time
    4. Whenever you log in, share only that which will benefit you and others, make your social networks a form of Sadaqah Jariyah.

    May Allaah swt enable us to defeat our nafs’ evil and every plot of Shaitan, in any shape or form.

    As salaamu alaikum wr wb

  15. Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah who fashioned this article to be written in the most clear, concise and honest mannner. Some people don’t use social media at all Alhamdulillah. The the ones that do seem to be victim to what has been written. Many marriages, families, friendships, individuals are failing due to the quick access of instant gratification, their whole existence being based on an online fleeting virtual world. This article is a “wake up call.” Those ‘likers, followers,’ won’t be there when hardship or calamity strikes. Only Allah and members of his existing Ummah who maintain ‘real friendships,’ in the existing practical world will be there.

  16. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.
    May Allah reward u d best frm his treasures for such a wonderful effort. ..V read many articles many mesgs daily but a v.few like dis r really inspiring nd motivating. ….dey drag u frm ur innermost towards d right path which u hav been deviated due to various factors…plz carryon with ur excellent service which may benefit u as well as us for here nd hereafter..

  17. Salam alaykuum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu
    Please we have lots of muslim sisters doing instagram blogging, what is islam stake on this.

    • Wa alaykum Assalam Warahmatullahi wabarakatahu
      Dear Sister… Instagram is just another form of social networking. This article covers instagram also. Any forms of activities that lead to wastage of time and earning the displeasure of Allah through abandoning of Hijab and other points mentioned in the article… should be given up for the sake of Allah.

  18. As salaam alaykum , I share Ou’ran ayats , NASA posts and selfdevelopment articles . Is there any wrong in it . JazakAllah .

    • Wa alaykum Assalam
      If the activities you do are not consuming much of your time (as the vast variety of things available on networking sites causes a person to get distracted and spend hours just browsing unnecessary things)…
      Technology has its benefits and perils. It all depends on how you discipline yourself to use it.

  19. This was a great article and one that I really needed to see. I also deleted my social media apps because i felt that they were distracting and prevented me from managing my time effectively. It’s strange now not going on social media, but Alhamdullilah I’m so glad I took this step and will now try to become more productive Insha Allah!

  20. JazakAllah khair, the tips were very helpful. We can also decrease like-o-mania by blocking all the notifications of social media on our devices, including the badge icons that appear on the screen. So that we’re not distracted every time we use our devices. In shaa Allah this will help…

  21. shaytan hamay makr o farayb me dalkar khush fahmi me chordeta hai
    ghaflat me rakhta hai , sabse bada dhokebaaz jo muslims ku tabah karney me ustaad hai
    Allah ki panah,, Social media like FB ,whatsap are also addictive like smoking,alcohol,gazing,vdo gaming

  22. A beautiful article. A needed article at this juncture of life. This article strongly urges and empowers us to have a judicious use of social media. Technology has its advantages. But the current trend is technology has gulped social relations and social contacts . This phenomenon of social media addiction has been compared to that of drug addiction and a new word nomophobia has been coined.

  23. Jazakumullahu Khajren! For every article that you write.Elhamdulilah that I have found your site,and joined your newsletter,it is very worthit for me.Greetings from Albania.thank You.

  24. It has become a cancer in our society truly. It’s quite sad and pathetic actually to see grown women (many in their forties and even fifties) dressing up in revealing or tight clothing and adopting seductive poses, taking selfies and then posting them on social media solely for the attention and praise of other men.

  25. Jazak Allahu khair. Very nice article and relevant to today’s times. In sha Allah all of us will be benefited from this article.

  26. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmathullahi Wa Barakathuhu!
    Jazakallahu Khairan for posting an Informative crucial information needed by the Ummah.

  27. First of all, i must say it was a good article and i enjoyed reading it and inshaAllah it will benefit me

    the reason i read this article was because i am also addicted to social media, but i dont think my addiction is related to attention or so i think. I dont post much but i take part in discussions in groups which make me come back to check the notifications again and again.

    also about the agony part you mentioned in your article, “In order to be successful, we are required to be patient during trials. Complaining to people contributes to being ungrateful towards the Lord and hence, should be avoided. We also end up exposing our weaknesses to friends and foes. So expose your problems only to Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) and seek His help.” I agree that you have to have patience which i am working on it but keeping things to yourself and bottling up doesnt help either. it comes out even bigger, as i have experienced. Though i am working on reducing the number of people i share my problems with and rely more o Allah SWT, sometimes i end up explaining my problems. Any recommendations on how to succeed in this would be helpful.

  28. Jazaka’Allah Uhair for the article . I have a question . I am a journalist and a blogger and put my stories and share experiences for example of traveling to places for work . Is it haram ?

  29. Jazak’Allah Khair
    Very inspiring article to make us realise that we are an ummah to lead, not just to follow or imitate others

  30. Social media is becoming a big addiction these days now ! through these technologies we are repelling from each other may ALLAH (SWT) give guidance to all Muslims.