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  1. AssalamualikumwRwB…JazakAllah khair 4 such an awesome article as ever mashaAllah…May Allah bless u ,ur family and ur whole team abundantly and grant you all highest place in Jannat-ul-firdous Insha Allah!Alhamdolillah katheeran Allah has blessed me with such a friend who always reminds me of Him and do her best to assist me in my Deen!I can never thank her enough,May Allah always bless her,keep guiding her,make all her affairs easy 4 her and grant her and her family with highest place in Jannat-ul-firdous….Ameen..JazakAllah

  2. Alhumdulilah a great article very inspiring May Allah (swt) bless you and your family sister and the Productive muslim team for your articles

  3. What does one do with ‘bad’ company? If in your group of friends you are the only one keeps prayers, etc. do you continue to keep company with them to encourage them to improve themselves or do you stay away from them so their bad traits don’t rub off on you?

    • Inshallah it is better that you can encourage them to pray and direct them towards Allah (swt) if they still do not take heed then you should explain to them in a polite way that you do not agree with the things they do if it is the case that the only problem is that they do not pray then do encourage them, show them steadfastness in the way you pray and inshaallah they will also be inspired to pray.

  4. Well written and definitely useful tips and reminders. I do have acquaintants who do evil and will always invite them to reflect. At the same time, I also make sure those who keep me on the straight path outnumber those with bad influences.

  5. Jazakhallah Khair for all your feedback on my article :) Alhumdulilah may Allah guide us all in staying united and earning good company which will help us acquire Jannah inshallah.

  6. Wonderful post which made me reflect!! I have been thinking about the friends who I am currently with and now I know that I need to do something about it and stay with my friends who do remind me of Allah Almighty.Thank you sister Tasnim for this great reminder and May Almighty Allah rewrd all prodctive muslim team for their efforts walaykum salam

  7. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh :) Alhamdulillah. It’s very comforting to know that we can always be alone to do spiritually or worldly productive activities rather than be in the company of bad friends. Sincerely, Jazakallahu khayran!

  8. Salams I stumbled across this article and it came at a time when i really needed it. Jazakalla khayr for writing this great post and keep up the good work Productive Muslim Team!

  9. Yes, if you are living in other place because of any reason afterall you can keep a healthy relation from distance also, you should increase communication in between you, you should keep a regular communication with each other for warmth in your relation, because relation is everything for us without a good relation we have nothing, there are some ways you can keep your relation healthy you should keep a positive thinking about each other.

  10. assalamuallikum warahmathullahi wabarkathahu masha allaha this artical very inspirational and its very good ….:):):):jazakallaha khair…..


  11. What do you do if you are constantly surrounded by people who are astray? i don’t have any friends who care sincerely about religion and it can become overwhelmingly frustrating. How and where do i find good company?