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  1. Allah reward you for your advises, i am muslima since 2 years and a half, this is my third ramadan and i felt totally identified with the feelings you had, for me the end of ramadan was like action the hand break because passed from be hyper-busy, dealing with a lot of challenges (and tests) with a community that is relatively new for me (my friends were back in Turkey) and many brothers and sisters here are relatively new too. After a lot of tears the day before Eid I made the conclusion that i needed to recover the feeling of my first Ramadan, in some way i feel that i lost my innocence about a lot of things noticing the imperfection of us as human beings and muslims, a call from far for listen the takbir that night made up my mind “Allah’u akbar” the words that uplifted my soul for recover what is important and the reason why i have to keep going.

    • Yes Ameen! In fact this Eid was doubly hard as a foot infection and a wheelchair made me stop fasting and I could not get in Poland to the other side of the city (for obvious reasons) so Eid was a quiet affair. I had to remember that worship isnt a matter of fasting but a matter of rememberance. That is why we pray, that is why we fast, why we do wudu and why sometimes, because of our period etc we worship outside of salaat. May Allah, glorified and exhalted be He, bless you in your walk!

      • in Ramadan the atmosphere is so spiritual you don’t understand why the non-believers cant feel it (May Allah give them imaan)
        Everybody wants to thank Allah, and you realize the beauty of his grace and the abundance of wealth and barakaat in it.
        May Allah give us all the guidance to carry on the intensity of our faith outside of Ramadan too (Amen)

  2. Being a born Muslim, I am always impressed by the ” reverts” and am convinced that their conviction and subjugation to Islam is more then what I could ever achieve. Kai Ibrahim you make us Muslims proud.

  3. Jazakallahu khairan for this very informative piece may Allah SWT bless you abundantly.In sha Allah we have learnt a lot from it.