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  1. Salam ‘alaikum .Jazakillah khairan ukhti for this uplifting article.I can’t think really think of any new tips…mashaALLAH it seems you have covered all of them!

  2. Shukran! keeping a journal of your accomplishments during Ramadan is a great idea . Each Ramadan you do witness something new or become more aware of something you never paid attention too. Eid Mubarak!

  3. JazakAllah khairan for this wonderful reminder… it has given me a new hope that even though our beloved month has departed but its barakah is still with us which we should apply in setting new goals to come closer and closer to our Lord.. may He be pleased with our humble efforts… Ameen

  4. Thanks a lot for these tips, good to see muslims that are alert even after Ramadan. May Allah grant you paradise without account insha Allah ameen.

  5. MashaAllah!!!jazakallahu khair for this tips come in the perfect moment!
    it´s quite usual to relax after Ramadan, just like when a sprint race is finished, but it’s necessary to stay focused and try not to lose our new habits!
    may Allah AwJ grant us motivtion and good company and accept our efforts!amiiin

  6. Alhamdulillah. May Allah be pleased with the author. It is a very good article with necesssary instructions that every muslim needs after Ramadan month.

  7. Its an interesting piece which reminds us that even after Ramadan we can earn Allah’s blessings and be more spiritually inclined if we so wish by engaging in the acts of worship we did during Ramadan.May Allah bless the writer with more knowledge to write such article that will benefit the muslim ummah amin.

  8. MasyaAllah just what i needed Alhamdulillah…i miss ramadan terriby and started to feel the emptiness,so this guide is so timely!

  9. Thanks all for the comments! I hope we could stick to what we have achieved this Ramadan… Thanks for the Duaa too, I do need it :)