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  1. yes, indeed its very useful and interesting, thanks for sharing
    like your all other articles productive and simple at the same time :) …

  2. Mashallah,I just love this website and all it’s articles…simple,short and upto the point..jazakAllah khair for your wonderful work!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind and generous guidance. Its really a interesting post the way do define things is very effective and useful for all.

  4. I’ve benefitted a lot from this article, jazak’Allahu Khair! My favorite point is number six because I think it’s a great idea to reflect weekly on different aspects of our lives. :)

  5. I loved it ma sha’ Allah…I just wanted to ask if u find it easy to start all new habits at once cuz when I tried it I felt overloaded and couldn’t turn them from being new to me to being daily habits…I think one should make only one or two new habit(s) max every 1-2 weeks to have a chance turn them into unconscious daily acts…so what do u think?

  6. Good Job … Thanks a lot … U r helping many Muslims around the worlds with your articles and seminars and all of your work