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  1. Salaams,

    Excellent post.

    Can you recommend audio lectures-structured course to listen on MP3 player? Thanks.


      • I look for as many opportunities as possible for charity and kindness.. whether it is just moving to make room on the train, or smiling at someone, or helping someone with their strollers. I find that I can do so many acts even in just a single trip. I have to admit that each time I am able to assist it makes me feel wonderful and makes my time traveling certainly worthwhile.

  2. Salamualeikoum brother

    1. When you leave your house:
    Bismillah tawwakaltu ALA’ ALLAH (instead of Allah lah) wa la hawla wa la qawwata ila billah.
    True, in arabic we’ll read it like ALA’LLAH

    Allah knows best.

  3. Salam Bro,

    Masha’Allah really god, Jazak Allah Khair. Intonation is great. Just a tip, U talk too fast slow down a bit, stay calm and gice each word its right.

  4. Salaam

    wow this is the best of PM.

    ehehe brother u speak fast, yes it might be difficult for some people. But for me it is just fine.

    so maybe u can consider slowing down a bit in your videos so everyone can catch the ideas,

  5. The bike commute is great except for the MP3 bit. I would highly recommend that people DON’T use an mp3 to listen to whilst commuting through busy traffic. A person’s hearing and sight is very important when riding a bike, and if one of these senses is taken out of the equation, the consequences could be fatal (and only by the Will of Allah, of course). It is possible for one to recite adhkaar and Qur’an, whilst riding a bike, but listening to anything is distracting and won’t allow a person to concentrate on the road. Whilst Allah is the Giver of Life, we are also reminded to ‘tie the camel’. After all, it is one of the conditions of tawakkul.

  6. Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

    Jazakumullah Khair. Could you please suggest how to know what mp3 players have the A-B repeat functionality and name some brands? I will really appreciate that.

    • Assalamu’alaikum Altaf,
      Don’t know particular brands, if you visit any electronics shop and ask for MP3 players with A-B functionality, those will be the one. Hope this helps.

  7. Masha’Allah! Most of the articles, including this one, on this site are really good. They provide practical steps to doing things the right way. I have one suggestion though about the phone call part. I think, especially in some countries (not all), it will be wiser for women and also men to NOT talk on the phone while they are walking on the road/station alleys, because that puts them on the risk of being mugged, harassed, kidnapped, etc. This is because when you are talking on the phone, your focus is on the call and hence, criminals take advantage of this to commit offences, whether the place is busy or isolated.

  8. can you please help us to devlop a productive and understandable mind-up about whih you talk about under the head” Think & contemplate – brainstorm ideas/Journal”

    that will be very usefull as i always wanted to know how to develop that

    • @Mahelaqa – JazakAllah Khair for your question!

      Regarding Journaling, it’s pretty easy.. find yourself a plain paper notebook (no lines) like this one: and simply capture ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that pops in your mind.. draw in it, write in it, capture ideas, and let your mind wander..

      This exercise might sound futile but it’s really helping you ‘jog’ your brain to come up with great ideas. As I said, most of the articles, ideas for ProductiveMuslim come from journaling.

      Other tips for journaling include:
      1. Journal everywhere! – people recommend that you journal before you sleep, personally I prefer not to confine yourself, just journal and write whenever you feel like it, that’s why I like the pocket notebook above.

      2. Make sure you choose a good notepad/journal + pen, something you’d love writing in.

      3. Use journaling to get closer to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) by helping you write thoughts/ideas that would inspire you to become better Muslim.

      Hope this helps!


  9. al salamo alikom
    i really liked article with those truely helpful tips,, but here is the thing, i like to use my commute in taxi or bus to plan my day ,do ‘agendas’ , read quran or just read anything useful BUT concentrating on a stationary object while u r in a moving vehicle leads to some sort of vestibular disturbance that causes the felling of dizziness , nausea or it may even cause vomiting ,SO i stopped doing so :( & eventually i spend my ride with my head full of distracted thoughts & plans for the day , i try to contemplate or say Zekr to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) instead but with a busy mind i end up with UNPRODUCTIVE time ..
    what do advice me to do about this ???

  10. Very nice article and advises. But then, some of the tips cannot be applicable when you are the rider/driver. but constantly saying tasbeeh, tahleem and other zikr are very important when your are the rider/driver

  11. My husband has to travel 2 + hours daily! It kills him and drains his life.
    He is not a native eng speaker. Would be awesome if your articles can be translated. i would love to give this to him to read. Jak.

  12. The MP3 idea is really good. I used to do that when I had to spend long time in traveling. Unfortunately, my phone got stolen and I lost all the Islamic lectures I had in phone, plus lots of beautiful Nasheeds. Insha Allah, soon I’ll buy a MP3 player. :D

  13. As-Salamun alaykum,

    Dear Brothers, Sisters,

    I really liked this article. As I always commute to work it is a subject close to my heart. I always do my daily routine of zhikr and always carry my “tesbih” (prayer beads?) with me. I’m sure there are books explaining which zhikr gives which reward (inshallah) so we can keep our mind occupied with spiritual thoughts rather than checking (commenting on!) the other passenger’s clothes, hair etc…

    One thing which maybe I missed, but I couldn’t find any mention of getting on the vehicle with our right foot first, and then reading the dua mentioned. Of course in some countries it’s impossible to get into a car “right first” but when getting on buses, trains and planes it’s easier to remember!

    Also we should be careful not to use earphones to listen to anything when we are riding or driving (as the other poster mentioned), as it blocks out important sounds.

    May Allah give us all a safe commute and allow us to work for His pleasure.


    Abdullah Eyles,
    Ankara, Türkiye

  14. asslamualaikum
    nice tips.jazakAllah
    i would like to share a little thing i do while travelling that is make dua’a for the troubled people i see around.

  15. Great thing to know of..
    People take music dozes for such times, but a great thing to know !
    A great joy for me to read about you all people.. :)
    Days when music, actors, dance and celebrities are more important and are usually the talk of day..
    I pray I get to be a productive Muslim..
    A wonderful job Masha Allah!

  16. Assalaamu Alaikum! Mashaallah what a well thought and well put article by such a young genius. It’s your intention and your determination to please Allah SWT so He puts so much barakah in your time and efforts. Alhamdulillah! May Allah SWT further increase you in your eemaan, knowledge and capability to benefit the Muslim Ummah with your articles. Ameen.

  17. I commute everyday a total of over 3 hours. It has its toll on you especially with the daily stressful adrenaline rush when you are trying to catch your ride!
    Wake up early enough to avoid the daily stress as much as possible since it adds tremendously to the commute stress.
    Try to take train time a chance to do “offline” work very productively…a train ride is sometimes less distracting than work in office, so make use of it wisely.
    If you take the car get all of your phone calls down. Thw car is a good chance to learn a new language: radio shows, podcasts, etc.

  18. Assalaam aleikum,

    Jazzakallah for your effort. My contribution would be for those that want to do structured learning through live sessions then I would recommend the Islam Online University diploma courses. They are offered for free and you get live interaction with online tutors during scheduled classes. They have a number of lessons on all subject matters Aqeedah, Marriage, Leadership etc.

  19. Asslam o Alikum,
    i want to share something as Anonymous . yesterday i was very disturb for some reasons . then suddenly i wrote Ya Allah help in google search. some sites were shown . i opened them i new tabs. one of them was productiveMuslim
    i begin to read the articles .Conclusion is today first time i woke up for tahaduid prayer. Alhumdulillah am very happy today. very calm . though there are some problems to be worried about . But Alhumdulillah am feeling very calm .
    . May Allah bless you all who are working and helping this project.
    jzzakallah khiran

  20. MashaAllah!!brother Faris very nice tips to be followed n get ajar jazakillahu khair may Allah help u in every way possible!

  21. I listen to educational podcasts when commuting and I listen to all sorts of marketing and personal development courses as I cook, clean and do other errands around the house. I have been doing this for several years now and it’s amazing how much I have learned without having to take any extra time out of my day to do so.

    I love your ideas and I would highly encourage other Muslim brothers and sisters to implement them. They will see great results Inshallah.