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  1. A salaam alaikum,

    JazakaAllah khair for interview, as mother its great to hear a sister who is soooo positive about life as musilima. I sometimes struggle with my children trying to get things done in a day. I attempted home schooling for my kids but unfortunately was unsuccessful and they had to return to school but this sister is sooooooooooo inspiring and if she can do it all then inshaAllah so can we!!!!. May Allah reward her and so many out there for their inspiration.


  2. Masha Allah! JazakumAllahu Khair for sharing this. I’m a Muslima from Brisbane, Australia and just wanted to say thanks for this piece. Truly inspiring! May Allah Taála bless us with the right use of our time! Ameen.

  3. JazaakAllah khair may sister Zohra reach her goal and may all of us inspired be the ones who make it happen inshaAllah khair