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  1. Jazakallah khayr for this much needed post! You actually gave us a lot of really great ideas to unwind and relazx for a while! I personally listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran as a way to rejuvenate myself.

  2. Thanks a lot, it is really useful advises, I liked the term “Disconnect Time” and gonna apply it starting from today.

  3. As’salamu Alaikum everyone.  I never knew about the “evening remembrance” this is one of the many reasons I enjoy and follow this site.  Striving to be a little better than the previous day is my motivation insha’Allah, with the knowledge shared here and on other positive Islamic websites it seems possible. 

    JazakAllah khairun for all the efforts in keeping this site running and to everyone who contributes and follows. Keep spreading the knowledge!

  4. This is a very good article, I really appreciate the effort done by the author. There’s one thing though there are times when you are really tired and yes sleepy as well, no matter how much you try but the lethargy never goes away. Can you suggest anything for that?

    • Yup, I know those days. My first advice is to try the Wudhu solution, if you’re not freshened up by Wudhu and cannot keep yourself awake till isha at least (or you need to stay awake after isha for one reason or another) then a quick 20minute nap should do. Maximum should be 20 minutes! Please don’t sleep over this, otherwise it’ll mess up your night sleep and you’ll feel grouchy all evening. Hope this helps!

  5. JazakAllah for the suggestions. A little off the topic – but hopefully still relevant to ‘unwinding’…what would you suggest as an alternative form of ‘entertainment’? I’m  talking specifically about times where outdoors is not possible (e.g. winter, or night time if  you have young kids)….and i’m talking about times where there’s a need to do something ‘fun’ that requires zero thinking – to just completely take a break from the seriousness of life.

    In today’s society, movies and music are common – but for Muslims, the choices of that are rather limited if you want to avoid all the bad stuff out there. So, what do you suggest?

  6. I love that FOCUS idea. I believe being in ur comfort zone without interruptions would help to relax the mind. Listening to the Quran recitation does it all for me. It carefully and safely detaches me from all and puts me in this -trans- mood. Ma sha Allaah. Thanx for the points. Its a good plan that can be comfortably accomodated by many.

  7. I have to eat in comming buck and sleep at least for a 15m and wake up. Then i will active and i spend a few time with my familly and comme back to study

  8. Assalamu Alaikom wa rahmatu Lahi wa barakatuh,
    I start by thanking you one by one, for all these great words, but you know somtimes whe I read some of your articles, I start by thinking that we’re from different worlds, I’m on earth and you from other planet, somtimes I like so so so much some of your tips but I can’t do it, either because of luck of means, or luck of time, or even luck of that vision around me.
    In anyway thank you for your efforts, and happy Ramadan for you all (writers, editors and readers :))