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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful advice. I am also a patient my life’s just in and out of hospitals/ doctors etc. Today I’ve been feeling very run down and this has totally helped me and brightened up my mood in a way! JazakAllah! :)

    • Anytime, Khadijah! :) May Allah grant you shifa and make things easy for you and reward you for it! wa iyyakum :)

  2. assalamu alejkum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu.

    thank you all because haveing reciving this email. I learned new words and learned how to expres my self better nshAllah.

    thank you Dina El-Zohairy and Productive Muslim team 4 all. good luck to all and hope that we are going to have a good doctor in future inshAllah. :)

  3. May Allah make you steadfast. May Allah relieve you from the ailments. Nice work. This is the understanding of the Deen. Not complain. Rather accept the will of Allah swt. Indeed your post offers some confident to me. Thanks. Dear Sister Dina. May Allah mercy on you