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  1. Nice article Masha Allah! I am becoming a mom in less than 3 months so I am definitely looking for more posts like this! Keep up the good work.
    Jazakum Allah Khairan

  2. Thank you so much

    these are simple and helpful tips
    but If you excuse me,may I know your opinion about punishment or penalizing ? and how effective and essential they are in teaching children?
    I dont like to use force to teach , but what if I face difficulties … what should I do??

  3. Assalamu alaikum
    A very good article. Indeed we have to develop them before they leave. Dr. Aisha Utz wrote a book “nurturing eeman in children” by IIPH. A good book to read. And also Numan ali khan lectures. May you like it.

  4. Salam alaykoum,it’s an interesting article, could you give me the email adresse of the teacher Shumaila Mahmood to have some advices?


  5. May Allah reward you for the article. We reserve (by reserve, no meetings, no events, your are booked for this time with the family) Sunday mornings for the family. Start with a family breakfast, many times something special. Then we sit as a family in study circle. We read Quran together, then reflect on the verses, read some hadith and discuss them, and study some other material. Our goal is to complete books.

  6. Bismillah. As salaamu alaiki wa rahmatullah. There is a little muslimah trying to learn the formula for Photosynthesis. And, I went to wikipedia and gave her that and she said all she needed was the formula. Do u have any suggestions of how to motivate her to not procrastinate? And, is there a fun game or something online she may like fun way to learn u may know about? Insha’Allah, I will keep making dua for us all!